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The following information provides an example for configuring WPA2-PSK encryption.


This document applies to Comware 7-based access points. Procedures and information in the examples might be slightly different depending on the software or hardware version of the access points.

The configuration examples in this document were created and verified in a lab environment, and all the devices were started with the factory default configuration. When you are working on a live network, make sure you understand the potential impact of every command on your network.

This document assumes that you have basic knowledge of WLAN access and WLAN security.

Example: Configuring WPA2-PSK encryption

Network configuration

As shown in Figure 1, the clients access the WLAN provided by the fat AP. The fat AP obtains IP addresses from a DHCP server in the IP network.

·     Configure the fat AP to act as a DHCP server to assign IP addresses to the clients.

·     Configure WPA2-PSK encryption on the fat AP.

·     Configure open-system authentication and bypass authentication.

·     Set the AKM mode to PSK to protect client data transmission.

·     Set the CCMP cipher suite for frame encryption, and enable the RSN IE in beacon and probe responses.

Figure 1 Network diagram



1.     Configure AP interfaces:

# Create VLAN 100 and VLAN-interface 100, and assign an IP address to the VLAN interface. The AP will use this IP address to communicate with clients.

<WA5530> system-view

[WA5530] vlan 100

[WA5530-vlan100] quit

[WA5530] interface vlan-interface 100

[WA5530-Vlan-interface100] ip address 24

[WA5530-Vlan-interface100] quit

# Configure uplink interface VLAN-interface 1 to obtain IP addresses through DHCP.

[WA5530] interface vlan-interface 1

[WA5530-Vlan-interface1] undo ip address

[WA5530-Vlan-interface1] ip address dhcp-alloc

[WA5530-Vlan-interface1] quit

2.     Configure wireless services:

# Create service template service and enter its view.

[WA5530] wlan service-template service

# Configure the SSID as service.

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] ssid service

# Specify VLAN 100 for clients to access the WLAN defined by the service template.

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] vlan 100

# Set the AKM mode to PSK and configure simple character string 12345678 as the PSK.

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] akm mode psk

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] preshared-key pass-phrase simple 12345678

# Set the CCMP cipher suite for frame encryption, and enable the RSN IE in beacon and probe responses.

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] cipher-suite ccmp

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] security-ie rsn

# Enable the service template.

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] service-template enable

[WA5530-wlan-st-service] quit

3.     Bind the service template to interface WLAN-Radio 1/0/1.

[WA5530] interface wlan-radio 1/0/1

[WA5530-WLAN-Radio1/0/1] service-template service

[WA5530-WLAN-Radio1/0/1] quit

4.     Configure the DHCP service:

# Enable DHCP.

[WA5530] dhcp enable

# Create a DHCP address pool named vlan100, specify subnet, and specify gateway address

[WA5530] dhcp server ip-pool vlan100

[WA5530-dhcp-pool-vlan100] network mask

[WA5530-dhcp-pool-vlan100] gateway-list

[WA5530-dhcp-pool-vlan100] quit

Verifying the configuration

# Verify that the clients can access the WLAN through PSK authentication.

[WA5530] display wlan client verbose

Total number of clients: 1                                                     


 MAC address                       : 3829-5a40-9589                            

 IPv4 address                      :                                 

 IPv6 address                      : N/A                                        

 Username                          : N/A                                       

 AID                               : 1024                                      

 Radio ID                          : 1                                         

 SSID                              : service                                    

 BSSID                             : d461-fe59-4d20                            

 VLAN ID                           : 1                                         

 Sleep count                       : 3                                         

 Wireless mode                     : 802.11an                                  

 Channel bandwidth                 : 40MHz                                     

 20/40 BSS Coexistence Management  : Supported                                 

 SM power save                     : Enabled                                   

 SM power save mode                : Static                                    

 Short GI for 20MHz                : Supported                                  

 Short GI for 40MHz                : Supported                                 

 STBC RX capability                : Supported                                 

 STBC TX capability                : Not supported                             

 LDPC RX capability                : Not supported                             

 Block Ack                         : TID 0  In                                 

 Supported HT MCS set              : 0, 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7                    

 Supported rates                   : 6, 9, 12, 18, 24, 36,                     

                                     48, 54 Mbps                               

 QoS mode                          : WMM                                       

 Listen interval                   : 2                                         

 RSSI                              : 48                                        

 Rx/Tx rate                        : 135/6                                     

 Authentication method             : Open system                               

 Security mode                     : RSN                                       

 AKM mode                          : PSK                                        

 Cipher suite                      : CCMP                                      

 User authentication mode          : Bypass                                    

 Authorization ACL ID              : N/A                                        

 Authorization user profile        : N/A                                       

 Roam status                       : N/A                                       

 Key derivation                    : SHA1                                       

 PMF status                        : N/A                                       

 Forwarding policy name            : N/A                                       

 Online time                       : 0days 0hours 0minutes 8seconds            

 FT status                         : Inactive

Configuration files


 version 7.1.064, ESS 2326                                                     


 sysname WA5530                                                                


 telnet server enable                                                          


 port-security enable                                                          


 dhcp enable                                                                   


 password-recovery enable                                                       


vlan 1                                                                         


vlan 100                                                                       


dhcp server ip-pool vlan100                                                     


 network mask                                          


wlan service-template service                                                   

 ssid service                                                                  

 vlan 100                                                                       

 akm mode psk                                                                  

 preshared-key pass-phrase cipher $c$3$7hZ2DNiI+h/ajPE7DhZbD6Y7py9vqf4721sp    

 cipher-suite ccmp                                                             

 security-ie rsn                                                               

 service-template enable                                                       


interface NULL0                                                                 


interface Vlan-interface1                                                      

ip address dhcp-alloc                                                         


interface Vlan-interface100                                                    

 ip address                                            


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/1                                                 


interface GigabitEthernet1/0/2                                                 


interface WLAN-Radio1/0/1                                                       

 service-template service                                                       


interface WLAN-Radio1/0/2                                                       

 service-template 1                                                            


interface WLAN-Radio1/0/3                                                      

 service-template 1                                                             



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