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Due to the impact of changes in market demand, technological development and innovation, new product substitution and other factors, products have a certain life cycle and will be withdrawn from the market within a certain period of time. In this regard, H3C has formulated a unified product lifecycle management strategy to help customers successfully complete product migration on H3C's technology platform, so as to better protect customer investment and achieve business success with customers.

H3C Product
Lifecycle Management Strategy

Note :

1. H3C will officially notify the Partner of the discontinuation of product sales at least 6 month before the official discontinuation of product sales. On the date the product is discontinued, H3C will officially post the end of sales notice on the company's website, will not receive new orders for the product. All users of H3C products can obtain information about discontinued products and their replacements on H3C's website (

2. In general, within 1 year after the product is end of sales, users can contact H3C Company to sign a new service contract and may optionally add service contract content that was not included in the original service contract. After one year of end of sales, H3C will only accept service contract renewals and will not sign new service contracts.

3. For the hardware repair or replacement service contract that has been signed before the end of sales, the customer can apply for renewal within 4 years after the cessation of sales to extend the service life of the product. However, in principle, the service life of the product cannot exceed the service termination time declared by H3C. In principle, the contract will not be renewed for products that have ceased to be sold for 4 years.

4. For business application software products, after the end of sales, H3C will provide up to 2 years of paid maintenance support services, and accept the renewal of the service contract within 2 years, but in principle, the service period cannot exceed the 2 years after the end of sales.

5. For the host operating system software of the product, after the end of sale, H3C will provide up to 2 years of paid bug fixes and patching services. H3C will periodically post patch releases and known issue advisories on the Company's website.

6. H3C will provide paid customer support services for up to 5 years after the discontinued sale of products, and the content of customer support services includes:
a. Equipment installation and use consultation, as well as remote assistance fault diagnosis;
b. On-site support equipment installation, commissioning, replacement, fault diagnosis and software upgrade;
c. Other contract service content signed by H3C and customers.

7. Within 5 years from the end of sale, The company will provide hardware repair and spare parts replacement services according to the contract:
a. If some spare parts run out of stock, H3C will provide substitution product or spare parts with similar functions for replacement service;
b. If the product is not repaired within the contact maintenance period, H3C can continue to provide substitution spare parts for replacement, but the user needs to pay the corresponding fee.

8. For products that have ceased sale for 5 years, H3C in principle no longer provides maintenance and support services for these products. However, in order to better safeguard the interests of customers, H3C can continue to provide individual services to individual customers at the request of individual customers under the condition that H3C still keep the maintenance capabilities, but the specific maintenance contracts need to be signed with exceptional negotiation. At the same time, H3C respects all service contracts that have been signed with customers, and if the content conflicts with the above principles, H3C will prevail in the contract and provide customers with corresponding high-quality services.

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