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AD-NET 6.0 adopts cloud-native & container-based architecture and realizes business collaboration across scenarios. Relies on the unified digital platform, it integrates management, control, and analysis capability with AI empowerment and convergence of all scenarios cover campus network, WAN, and data center network with AD-Campus, AD-WAN, and AD-DC.

AD-NET continuously empowers digital transformation for various industries with numerous successful cases such as government, education, healthcare, enterprise, energy, carrier, finance, etc. It builds the intelligent connection for customer’s business innovation.

H3C Application-Driven Data Center (AD-DC) Solution is a new-generation data center solution based on SDN architecture. It accelerates network infrastructure deployment, simplifies network operation and management, and optimizes network efficiency with AI empowerment. Based on openness architecture, AD-DC solution could integrate with Openstack-based cloud platform to deliver a resilient, secure, visible and automated data center.

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    H3C Application-Driven Data Center (AD-DC) is a unified next-generation data center solution designed to support accelerated service delivery. It helps customers build an intelligent data center network that can change quickly to accommodate exponentially growing traffic and accelerated service provisioning driven by cloud computing, big data, and mobile Internet.
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    H3C SeerEngine-DC controller is a core control component in MP-BGP EVPN-based AD-DC solution. It is an open platform and enables quick, automated service deployment and simple, flexible network management.
    Traditional O&M faces great challenges as the network grows rapidly in scale and complexity and services are more demanding for network availability and minimized downtime. SeerAnalyzer is developed at this right moment to deliver a big data and AI-powered analytics solution that enables automated and streamlined O&M.
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    Companhia de Electricidade de Macau (CEM, S.A.) is a public power supply agency specializing in the transmission, distribution and sale of high, medium and low voltage electricity in the Macao Special Administrative Region. It also has power generation facilities. The Macao Power Industry is an important cornerstone for the further prosperity and development of the Macao SAR.

Campus networks have great challenges in the face of increased mobility, emerging IoT and abundant applications. How to integrate applications with network infrastructure, ensure experience consistency, and simplify network management, it leads to a good subject for new generation campus solutions.

H3C Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) Solution creates a new-generation flexible network infrastructure. The solution converts campus network from “user adapts to network” to “network adapts to users”, enabling users and devices to roam around campus seamlessly. It reduces complexity of network deployment and maintenance and meets the increased requirements of mobility and IoT access in campus network in digital transformation.

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    H3C Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) Solution is innovative campus network solution which aims to achieve great integration and convergence to easily reflect intent to network operation. With full lifecycle, open architecture and deep intelligence, AD-Campus is along with partner to be committed to solve existing challenges and assist customers to accelerate digital innovation and transformation.
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    H3C SeerEngine-Campus controller is a key component of H3C application-driven campus solutions that allow user access anytime anywhere in the new digital era of growing access mobility, heterogeneous wired/wireless networks, and rapid growth of IoE. Deployed on cloud native containerized platforms, it provides GUI-based unified management and control of application-driven campus networks.
    H3C SeerAnalyzer is developed to deliver a big data and AI-powered analytics solution that enables automated and streamlined O&M. Embracing Telemetry, big data technologies, distributed computing engines, expert knowledge, and scenario-based AI algorithms, H3C SeerAnalyzer automates network data collection and analytics and provides insights into the overall network conditions. It also helps identify root causes of issues and can predict failures for key components or modules. SeerAnalyzer enables fast issue location and isolation, which minimizes the network downtime and ensures service continuity.
  • Cases

    The department was specifically incorporated in 1996 to undertake the privatization of water supply and distribution in Selangor and Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. In 1995, it was appointed by respective federal and state governments to manage, operate and distribute quality clean water for over 10 million customers for a period of 30 years, making it the biggest water concessionaire in Malaysia. The department is made up of a professional, dedicated and skillful management committed towards excellent customer service and reshaping the local utility industry.
    The biggest issue of the Chinese university's campus network at that time was its rigid architecture and complicated operational and maintenance workload. BYOD applications were widely adapted across the campus and wireless mobile officing had become the mainstream access mode.

H3C Application-Driven WAN (AD-WAN) Solution adopts the architecture of SDN, rebuilds and reconstructs the conventional rigid WAN to its next generation with intelligence.

With an open network platform, users can intelligently steer the networking resources, and visualize the applications for "one-click" implementation, fully utilizing the bandwidth and streamlining the O&M of the network.

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    H3C AD-WAN (Application Driven – Wide Area Network) is a standard SDN network architecture. AD-WAN provides customer with simpler, safer, and smarter wide area network. You can quickly establish an AD-WAN overlay fabric to connect cloud, headquarters and branches with traffic steering and zero-trust foundation. Our solution can help customer realize intelligent O&M and workload reduction with advanced AI and big data technology.
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    The H3C SeerEngines-WAN controller is the core component of the control & analysis layer. It realizes business automation, network optimization, and control strategy issuance in the WAN field.
    The H3C SeerAnalyzer-WAN analyzer enables automated and streamlined O&M with big data and AI-powered analytics solution. It also enables fast issue location and isolation, which minimizes the network downtime and ensures service continuity.
  • Case

    Entering the digital and cloud era, a large number of emerging enterprise business, such as 5G, VoIP, AI and IoT, are closely integrated with cloud computing. Traditional WAN, based on expensive leased lines like MPLS, cannot meet the surging enterprise WAN traffic. And SD-WAN has gradually become an inevitable trend. SD-WAN enables enterprise applications to balance and optimize applications among different hybrid links (MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc.) with multiple branches, thereby improving the reliability, flexibility, and operation and maintenance efficiency of enterprise WAN networks.
    The Beijing Branch of Property and Casualty Co., Ltd (PICC) is one of the most competitive entities in Beijing’s insurance industry. The company has 73 branches, 26 claims divisions, seven non-auto insurance claims divisions, and more than 2,700 cooperative intermediaries. It has opened customer service lines, 400 telephone sales lines, the official direct sales platform, the mobile APP, and the WeChat public platform. These services provide customers with one-stop services anytime and anywhere.
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