H3C S3100-52P Ethernet Switch Operation Manual-Release 1500(V1.02)

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Table of Contents

Chapter 1 Obtaining the Documentation. 1-1

1.1 CD-ROM.. 1-1

1.2 H3C Website. 1-1

1.3 Software Release Notes. 1-2

Chapter 2 Documentation and Software Version. 2-1

2.1 Software Version for the Manual 2-1

2.2 Document List 2-1

Chapter 3 Product Overview.. 3-1

3.1 Preface. 3-1

3.2 Switch Models. 3-1

3.3 Software Features. 3-1

Chapter 4 Networking Applications. 4-1

4.1 Broadband Ethernet Access for Residential Communities. 4-1

4.2 Application for Connecting Branches or Small- to Medium-Sized Enterprises. 4-1

4.3 Application in Large Enterprise and Campus Networks. 4-2


Chapter 1  Obtaining the Documentation

H3C Technologies Co., Ltd. provides various ways for you to obtain documentation, through which you can obtain the product documentations and those concerning newly added new features. The documentations are available in one of the following ways:

l           CD-ROMs shipped with the devices

l           H3C website

l           Software release notes

1.1  CD-ROM

H3C delivers a CD-ROM together with each device. The CD-ROM contains a complete product document set, including the operation manual, command manual, installation manual, and compatibility manual. After installing the reader program provided by the CD-ROM, you can search for the desired contents in a convenient way through the reader interface.

The contents in the manual are subject to update on an irregular basis due to product version upgrade or some other reasons. Therefore, the contents in the CD-ROM may not be the latest version. This manual serves the purpose of user guide only. Unless otherwise noted, all the information in the document set does not claim or imply any warranty. For the latest software documentation, go to the H3C website.

1.2  H3C Website

Perform the following steps to query and download the product documentation from the H3C website.

Table 1-1 Acquire product documentation from the H3C website

How to apply for an account

Access the homepage of H3C at http:// www.h3c.com and click on Registration at the top right. In the displayed page, provide your information and click on Submit to register.

How to get documentation

Approach 1:

In the homepage of H3C at http:// www.h3c.com, select Technical Support & Document > Technical Documents from the navigation menu at the top. Then select a product for its documents.

Approach 2:

In the homepage of H3C at http:// www.h3c.com, select Support > Technical Documents. Then select a product for its documents.


1.3  Software Release Notes

With software upgrade, new software features may be added. You can acquire the information about the newly added software features through software release notes.


Chapter 2  Documentation and Software Version

2.1  Software Version for the Manual

H3C S3100-52P Ethernet Switch  Operation Manual-Release 1500 and H3C S3100-52P Ethernet Switch  Command Manual-Release 1500 correspond to the software versions of the S3100-52P Ethernet switch: Release 1500. The software version has features as shown in Table 3-1:

2.2  Document List

Table 2-1 Document list



H3C S3100-52P Ethernet Switch  Installation Manual


H3C S3100-52P Ethernet Switch  Operation Manual-Release 1500


H3C S3100-52P Ethernet Switch  Command Manual-Release 1500



Chapter 3  Product Overview

3.1  Preface

H3C S3100-52P Ethernet switch is a Layer 2 wire speed Ethernet switch developed by H3C independently. It is the intelligent and manageable switch designed for network environments where high performance, high port density, and ease of installation are required.

3.2  Switch Models

Table 3-1 lists the H3C S3100-52P Ethernet Switch model.

Table 3-1 Models in the S3100-52P


Power supply unit (PSU)

Number of service ports

Number of 100 Mbps ports

Number of 1,000 Mbps uplink ports

Console port

H3C S3100-52P



48 10/100 Mbps ports(electrical)

4 Gigabit (SFP) ports



3.3  Software Features

S3100-52P Ethernet Switch has abundant software features and can meet the requirements of different applications. Table 3-2 summarizes the features provided by each module.

Table 3-2 Service features of the S3100-52P Ethernet switch




l      CLI

l      Hierarchically grouped commands

l      CLI online help

2 Login

l      Logging into a switch through the Console port

l      Logging into a switch through an Ethernet port by using Telnet or SSH

l      Logging into a switch through the Console port by using modem

l      Logging into a switch through Web or NMS

3 Configuration File Management

l      Saving, restoring, and deleting the configuration file


l      IEEE 802.1Q-compliant VLAN

l      Port-based VLAN

5 IP Address and Performance Configuration

l      Configuring an IP address for a switch

l      Configuring the TCP attributes for a switch


l      GARP VLAN registration protocol (GVRP)

7 Port Basic Configuration

l      Three port states supported: Access, Trunk, and Hybrid

l      Setting broadcast storm suppression globally

l      Loopback detection supported

l      Cable test

8 Link Aggregation

l      Link aggregation control protocol (LACP)

9 Port Isolation

l      Port isolation group


l      Device link detection protocol (DLDP)

11 MAC Address Table

l      Manually configuring dynamic, static, and black hole MAC addresses

l      Configuring the aging time for MAC addresses

l      MAC address learning limit



l      H3C-proprietary MSTP path cost standard

13 Multicast

l      Internet group management protocol snooping (IGMP Snooping)

l      Configuring multicast MAC addresses

l      Dropping unknown multicast packets

14 Routing Protocols

l      Static route

15 802.1x

l      802.1X authentication

l      Guest VLAN

l      Huawei authentication bypass protocol (HABP)


l      Authentication, authorization, and accounting (AAA)

l      Remote authentication dial-In user service (RADIUS)

l      Huawei terminal access controller access control system (HWTACACS)

17 Centralized MAC Address Authentication

l      Centralized MAC address authentication


l      DHCP Snooping

19 ARP

l      Gratuitous ARP

l      Manually configuring ARP entries

20 ACL

l      Basic ACLs

l      Advanced ACLs

l      Layer 2 ACLs

l      User-defined ACLs

21 QoS

l      Quality of Service (QoS)

22 Mirroring

l      Port mirroring

l      Remote port mirroring

23 Cluster

l      Huawei group management protocol (HGMP) v2

l      Neighbor discovery protocol (NDP)

l      Neighbor topology discovery protocol (NTDP)


l      Simple network management protocol (SNMP) v3, compatible with SNMP v1/v2

l      Remote monitoring (RMON)

25 NTP

l      Network time protocol (NTP)

26 SSH Terminal Service

l      Secure shell (SSH)

l      Secure FTP (SFTP)

27 File System Management

l      File system management

l      FTP/TFTP lighting

28 FTP and TFTP

l      Operating as an FTP server/FTP client

l      Operating as a TFTP client

29 Information Center

l      System logs

l      Hierarchical alarms

l      Debugging information output

30 System Maintenance and Debugging

l      Configuring system time

l      Language (Chinese/English) selecting

l      Displaying and configuring system device state


l      VLAN VPN (QinQ)

l      Configuring VLAN VPN interior-layer priority replication

l      Configuring TPID value

l      Configuring BPDU Tunnel

32 HWPing

l      HWPing

33 DNS

l      Domain Name System (DNS)


Chapter 4  Networking Applications

You can deploy S3100-52P Ethernet switch on many types of networks, such as enterprise networks and broadband access networks. Following are several typical networking applications.

4.1  Broadband Ethernet Access for Residential Communities

On the broadband access network of a residential community, an S3100-52P Ethernet switch is located in the center. It is downlinked to S2000 series switches to reach the Ethernet users and uplinked to a core Layer 3 switch through a GE extension module to connect to the MAN backbone.

Figure 4-1 Network diagram for connecting community Ethernet to MAN using S3100-52P Ethernet switch

4.2  Application for Connecting Branches or Small- to Medium-Sized Enterprises

For small-to medium-sized enterprises or branches of a large enterprise, S3100-52P Ethernet switch can serve as a downstream device connected to the backbone switch, and can be connected to the headquarters or other branches through Layer 3 switches or routers. As the enterprise size increases, the network also can expand by subtending the S3100-52P Ethernet switch.

Figure 4-2 S3100-52P Ethernet switch application in branch network of midsize/large enterprise

4.3  Application in Large Enterprise and Campus Networks

In a large enterprise or campus network, the S3100-52P Ethernet switch can operate on the access layer. They are uplinked to layer 3 switches, S3600 Series or S5600 Series for example; and uplinked to a layer 3 switch. These switches together provide a network-wide intranet solution that covers Gigabit-to-backbone and 100 Mbps-to-desktop.

Figure 4-3 S3100-52P Ethernet switch application in large enterprise and campus network