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Under the trend of digital transformation, The operation and maintenance mode is in urgent need of innovation and upgrading. Relying on the unified operation and maintenance platform, H3C realizes value-based upgrade of basic delivery, diversified innovation and transformation of management mode, and intelligent operation and development of service management, fully interpreting the new concept of operation and maintenance in the intelligent era.



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Ecological sharing, multi-channel services Multidimensional data integration management Multi-value innovation points


Agile and efficient

IT resources are on demand for faster change deployment End-to-end "one-click" services "Agile" organizations, efficient collaboration


Stable and reliable

Critical services are highly available and are recovered within 30 minutes O&m finds problems before the business Sensing and explore the value of end-user data to ensure user experience Safety compliance


Cost decreasing and benefit increasing

Reduce maintenance costs Improve per capita benefits Innovate the model and optimize TCO

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H3C international market strategies focus on building up partner-first ecosystem and offering scenario-based solutions to accelerate digital transformation in the world. We are aiming to work together, win together and bloom together with our partners.

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