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The Integrating Capabilities of ICT and Healthcare Converged Digital Solutions

H3C fully serves all application scenarios of smart healthcare to improve medical services, scientific research, management and nursing from various aspects; fully serves and supports the medical insurance information platform to promote the reform of medical treatment, medical insurance and medicines.


Innovative Scenario-Based Solutions and Implementation and Delivery Capabilities

H3C provides scenario-based solutions for over 30 subdivided scenarios such as smart hospital upgrading of grade III level A hospitals, county medical alliance establishment, medical insurance information platform development, and national health platform development. The futures of these healthcare solutions are comprehensiveness, high reproducibility, and rapid implementation and delivery.


In-Depth Ecological Cooperation and Innovative Business Models

Through integrated in-depth cooperation with partners, H3C has taken the lead in creating the IoT ecosystem of the industry, developing the new model of remote O&M cloud for healthcare, and performing in-depth adaption of solutions and products with well-known ISVs in the industry for customized solutions.