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Independently developed by H3C Technology Co., Ltd., H3C Workspace Cloud Desktop is a desktop virtualization product based on the hybrid architecture of virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI), intelligent desktop virtualization (IDV) and Virtual OS Infrastructure (VOI). Relying on Workspace Cloud Desktop Studio, this product transfers the virtualized desktop components (including application software, OSs and user data) to the cloud data center for hosting, manages and controls them in unified and centralized mode. Users can access the desktop OS through thin clients, rich clients, mobile clients, PCs and other equipment, and get PC-like use experiences. Centralization is the greatest feature of the virtualization architecture of H3C Workspace Cloud Desktop, and is embodied in the following:

Security centralization: With centralized applications and data, you can more easily monitor application security and protect confidential data; you just need to protect server-side security, without consideration for client security;

Management centralization: An administrator can control applications and data available to users in centralized and unified mode; from the server side he can uniformly schedule and flexibly allocate hardware resource used by the user virtualization desktop, and supply idle hardware resources to other users to ensure demand-based allocation; he can also monitor any operation of users in the virtual desktop in unified mode. In VDI mode, all data is centralized in the cloud, and no data is available on local clients. In IDV and VOI modes, each client is equipped with a personal web disk, through which personal data is centralized to the backend data center for storage.

Operation and maintenance (O&M) centralization: In VDI mode, since no data and applications are available for clients, you just need to connect the simple functions of the virtual desktop, without maintenance. Thus, all maintenance work is centralized on the server side. In IDV and VOI modes, applications and OSs can be pushed and updated in batches through the management platform, and thus O&M is significantly improved.

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