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Simple Deployment

The end-to-end automation of cloud data center network enables service online in minutes, realizes service change in seconds, and implements automatic network and security policy following.


Smart O&M

Supported by AI and big data technology, H3C gains in-depth insight into the network to identify network problems by monitoring and predicting key indicators, and provides a closed-loop service for fault discovery, diagnosis and solution.


Intent-based Network

Based on digital twin network, the change of service network is simulated in advance, and the post-verification method is used to guarantee the intention. Combined with intelligent analysis, the closed-loop measure is given to help solve the problem quickly. The automation and intelligence of the whole network life cycle of the service intention can be realized.


Secure and Reliable

H3C uses multi-brand and multi-form security products to realize the pooling and server-based transformation of security resources, and makes the data center network more reliable through hardware-based micro-segment.


Ultra-wideband and Lossless

Mature 400 G practices and solutions and RoCE-based SeerFabric lossless Ethernet network provide ultra-wideband network for data centers.

Application Scenarios

  • icon-finance-scenes.png



    H3C Full-scenario Finance Cloud Solution

    The digitalization process of financial services is accelerated, and institutions offer more online services. Therefore, AD-DC provides full-scenario cloud solutions for the financial industry.

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  • icon-traffic-scenes.png



    H3C Smart Urban Rail Solution

    AD-DC provides flexible network solutions to help urban rail realize information and resource sharing of the professional system across lines.

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    H3C Smart Airport Solution

    AD-DC facilitates deep integration of IoT, mobile Internet, cloud computing, big data and other technologies with airport services, improving airport operation and passengers' travel experience.

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    Fully integrated campus cloud center

    The university-oriented education cloud platform provides the most comprehensive IaaS and PaaS services in the industry through the integration technology.

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    Radio and Television


    Digital media solution

    Digital media helps expand media convergence's services from simple news publicity to public services by transforming from one-way communication to multiple interactive communication, to provide diversified comprehensive services.

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  • Carrier


    Cloud for Carrier industry

    In addition to standard IaaS layer services, cloud for the operator industry provides more customized services for key government and enterprise customers.

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