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Why H3C for your Campus?

The rapid development of ICT technologies such as 5G, artificial intelligence, cloud computing, IoT, VR/AR, big data, and edge computing has brought about a comprehensive transformation in education. Leading this transformation, H3C provides end-to-end education ICT solutions, covering infrastructure development from ICT infrastructure construction to data integration and governance, extending to full-stack solutions for teaching, learning, researching, and campus services. With H3C solutions, your educational institution will embrace a digitized future and reach new heights.

H3C insights into global Education

Digitalized Teaching

Offering comprehensive digitalized teaching, including interactive instruction, online education, and virtual classrooms, enhancing student engagement and learning outcomes.

Personalized Learning

Leveraging big data and AI to provide each student with a personalized learning path and resources, catering to diverse student needs and improving learning effectiveness.

Flexible Office

Providing a flexible working environment for teachers and staff through remote collaboration and cloud office tools, enabling convenient office access anytime, anywhere.

Proactive Services

Proactively identifying and addressing issues through predictive measures, offering smarter and more efficient services such as academic support and counseling for students and teachers.

Big Data based Decision-making

Real-time analysis of student learning behavior, course effectiveness, and institutional operations through big data analytics, enabling better decision-making and enhancing overall institutional efficiency.

Zero Trust Network Security

Ensuring high-level security for campus networks by implementing strict identity verification, permission management, and real-time monitoring to counter the increasing threats in network security.

Intelligent O&M

Implementing intelligent operation and maintenance (O&M) for automatic monitoring, issue identification, and resolution of network and devices, providing stable and efficient support for teaching, office work, and campus operations.

Explore our solutions

Digital Classroom Solution.jpg

Digital Classroom Solution

H3C is revolutionizing education with its professional education terminals and platforms. Our cutting-edge technology creates a personalized and equal learning experience, empowering schools to deliver innovative education that inspires students to reach their full potential.

Computer Lab Solution.jpg

Computer Lab Solution

H3C Learningspace combines cloud computing technology with educational scenarios to provide comprehensive teaching management functions, bringing teaching into the cloud era.

Digital Office Solution.jpg

Digital Office Solution

H3C Workspace addresses security issues of traditional IT infrastructure by unifying management and enhancing system stability, thereby enabling businesses to take full advantage of the benefits of virtual desktops.

Campus Network Solution.jpg

Campus Network Solution

H3C offers an ultra-wide bandwidth wired network that is highly reliable and scalable. It provides easy user authorization, automated IoT control, and intelligent operation and maintenance

Wireless Network Solution.jpg

Wireless Network Solution

H3C offers high-speed, seamless wireless coverage with smooth roaming, ensuring uninterrupted teaching, learning, and service experiences for teachers, staff, and students.

HCI Data Center Solution.jpg

HCI Data Center Solution

H3C UIS streamlines IT resource management, guarantees optimal business system operation, and empowers education clients to construct intelligent campuses.

Hear from our customers

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Enhances its Campus Network with H3C’s Wi-Fi 6.jpg

Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman Enhances its Campus Network with H3C’s Wi-Fi 6

Due to the pandemic, much like other educational institutions, Universiti Tunku Abdul Rahman (UTAR) had to move their in-person lectures online…

H3C Empowers FBISE’s Educational Informatization with HCI, Enhancing its Operational Efficiency.jpg

H3C Empowers FBISE’s Educational Informatization with HCI, Enhancing its Operational Efficiency

The digital economy has transformed education methods dramatically, causing traditional systems to struggle with increasing service demands….

H3C Empowers Dalian Education Park Interactive Computer Lab Education .jpg

H3C Empowers Dalian Education Park Interactive Computer Lab Education

H3C constructed digital computer labs to enhance the teaching functions of Dalian Xiaoyaowan Education Park and simplify the operation and management processes.

H3C Supports Shandong University for Comprehensive Digital Transformation.jpg

H3C Supports Shandong University for Comprehensive Digital Transformation

H3C offers comprehensive digital transformation solutions, including wired and wireless networks, big data, Internet of Things, and campus services. The solutions have helped Shandong University achieve exponential growth in teaching, research, and campus services.