01-Fundamentals Configuration Guide

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11-Preprovisioning feature configuration
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Configuring preprovisioning

About preprovisioning

Preprovisioning allows you to preconfigure offline modules, including interface cards, subcards, and IRF member devices.

When a preprovisioned module comes online, the preprovisioned settings are applied. After the module goes offline, you can continue to change the existing settings or add new settings for the module. The final settings are applied when the module comes online again.

Restrictions and guidelines: Preprovisioning

For the preprovisioned settings to survive a reboot, you must use the save command to save the settings to the next-startup configuration file.

Enabling preprovisioning

1.     Enter system view.


2.     Select the slot to preprovision and enter slot view.

In standalone mode:

slot slot-number

In IRF mode:

chassis chassis-number slot slot-number

3.     Enable preprovisioning on the slot.

provision model model

By default, preprovisioning is disabled.

The specified model must be the same as the model of the module you want to install. If not, the preprovisioned settings cannot be applied to the module.

4.     Enable preprovisioning on a subslot for a subcard.

provision subslot subslot-number model model

The specified model must be the same as the model of the subcard you want to install. If not, the preprovisioned settings cannot be applied to the subcard.




·     When you disable preprovisioning on a slot, the device removes all preprovisioned commands for the slot, including the preprovisioned commands on the subslots.

·     When you disable preprovisioning on a subslot, the device removes preprovisioned commands for the subslot.

Display and maintenance commands for preprovisioned settings

Execute display commands in any view. Execute the reset command in user view.




Display preprovisioned-commands application failure records.

display provision failed-config

Clear preprovisioned-commands application failure records.

reset provision failed-config


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