06-Layer 3—IP Services Configuration Guide

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08-Multi-CPU packet distribution configuration
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Configuring multi-CPU packet distribution

About multi-CPU packet distribution

On a multi-CPU device, packets can be distributed among CPUs based on one of the following policies:

·     Flow-based policy—Forwards packets of a flow to one CPU or multiple CPUs. This policy takes the first-in first-out rule.

A data flow is defined by using the following criteria:

¡     Five tuple—Source IP address, destination IP address, source port number, destination port number, and protocol number.

¡     Three tuple—Source IP address, destination IP address, and protocol number.

·     Packet-based policy—Forwards packets in sequence to different CPUs, even though they are the same flow. This policy does not ensure packet order.

Restrictions and guidelines: Multi-CPU packet distribution configuration

If a service requires packets of a flow to be received by the same CPU, you must use the flow-based policy.

Specifying a packet distribution policy

1.     Enter system view.


2.     Specify a packet distribution policy.

forwarding policy { per-flow | per-packet }

By default, the flow-based policy is used.