01-Fundamentals Configuration Guide

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14-Preprovisioning feature configuration
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Configuring preprovisioning

Preprovisioning allows you to preconfigure member devices before they join the IRF fabric or after they leave the IRF fabric. The preprovisioned settings are applied when the member devices join the IRF fabric. If the member devices leave the IRF fabric, the existing preprovisioned settings are retained. You can continue to change the existing settings or add new settings. The final settings are applied when the member devices join the IRF fabric again.

Enabling preprovisioning

The device automatically creates interfaces when preprovisioning is enabled for a member device. The display interface command does not display these interfaces until the member devices join the IRF fabric.

After preprovisioning is enabled for a member device, you can configure the member device. To verify the preprovisioned settings, see "Displaying and maintaining preprovisioned settings."

For the preprovisioned settings to survive a reboot, you must use the save command to save the settings to the next-startup configuration file.

When you disable preprovisioning on a slot, the device removes all commands preprovisioned for the slot.

To enable preprovisioning:





1.     Enter system view.



2.     Select the slot to preprovision and enter slot view.

slot slot-number


3.     Enable preprovisioning on the slot for a member device.

provision model model

By default, preprovisioning is disabled.

The specified model must match the model of the member device you want to preprovision. If not, the member device cannot join the IRF fabric.


Displaying and maintaining preprovisioned settings

Execute display commands in any view and the reset command in user view.





Display preprovisioned-commands application failure records.

display provision failed-config

A preprovisioned command cannot be applied if it conflicts with the running configuration. Use this command to verify the application result of preprovisioned commands except for the following commands:

·     duplex

·     speed

·     sflow

To verify the application result of the listed commands, use the display current-configuration command. The display provision failed-config command might display incorrect application results for the listed commands.

Clear preprovisioned-commands application failure records.

reset provision failed-config