Unified Cloud Service for an international energy company in China

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During the “13th Five-Year Plan” period, the information strategy goal of company is to support business development quickly, flexibly and agilely. Therefore, the company needs to redefine the agile business application. In order to meet this demand, it is necessary to use the cloud architecture to standardize the components and modules, develop and deploy more rapidly. At the same time the following requirements have been put forward: resource standardization, supply centralization, operation specialization and service sharing for the back-end support platform. The Cloud platform provides IT resources in a service-oriented manner, provides basic guarantee for the informatization of the custom, transforms the construction and delivery mode of IT infrastructure, and improves the maintenance capabilities and the cloud service capability.

Before deciding which vendors to choose, the custom had conducted an in-depth research, inspection and the simulation of application testing for the major cloud computing providers which are domestic and oversea. Finally the custom had chosen to construct the cloud platform together with H3C. At present, the Cloud has completed the first phase of construction, involving the cloud applications and the components of operation and maintenance: cloud management platform, compute virtualization, cloud network, cloud security, cloud monitoring, cloud desktop and cloud network disk. The cloud platform, H3C CloudOS, is based on the standard of OpenStack, which is the most mainstream and open cloud platform. By the platform, the custom had realized the “five unification”: unified management, unified scheduling, unified monitoring, unified operation, unified maintenance of IT resources (virtualized resources, physical resources, database, etc) in multiple data centers.


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