Government Cloud for A Western Chinese Province

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For the past few years, the rapid development of information technologies in the Provincial Government has resulted in the higher efficiency of government operations and likewise provided strong support for administrative efficiency. However, it has also caused some problems, such as repeated construction, low utilization rates, and equipment idling. According to incomplete statistics, the provincial E-government project investment by the government was over RMB 600 million between 2011 and 2014. In recent years, the provincial government has spent approximately RMB 500 million (USD 74 million) on operations and maintenance of the information system each year. More than 1,000 people have been assigned to the provincial information technology (IT) based construction and maintenance team. Even in such a case, the government departments are hesitant to share data and coordinate with businesses. To address this issue, the information island needs to be dismantled, and the businesses of all departments need to be integrated into a basic platform, which makes the government affairs cloud the trend of IT-based development. The sooner the cloud system is set up, the more easily resources are integrated, and the more waste is reduced, achieving the government's goals of targeted service and refined management, and closing the gap between the government and the public.

Based on the previous research and the actual needs of the province, the Provincial Leading Group for Government Cloud proposed an overall innovative structure of "1+N+N+1", namely, a comprehensive system integrating a cloud supervision platform, multiple cloud service provider platforms, multiple departmental integration platforms, and a cloud disaster recovery platform. The system resolves regulatory issues within the system architecture, and guarantees service quality with regulations. Moreover, the technical route for the cloud network convergence of the OpenStack+KVM+SDN+Overlay based on international open standards is formulated to avoid being bound to one vendor, ensuring satisfactory mobility between different cloud service providers.

H3C has been selected as the cloud service provider of the provincial government cloud thanks to its first-class technologies and comprehensive ranking. H3C provides the provincial government with the VPC hardware architecture in compliance with SDN+CAS+CloudOS technology with its H3CLOUD overall solution. The solution also merges cloud network convergence solutions for secure resource pools such as WAF, IPS, and AV and provides comprehensive cloud services, including cloud hosts, cloud storages, cloud firewalls, cloud load balancing, cloud databases, cloud auditing, cloud operations, cloud applications, and many value-added functions, achieving a one-stop delivery of government cloud services. In cases of rigidly strict construction periods, H3C's 60-day perfect delivery of the provincial government cloud has proven the maturity and advancement of H3C's computing solution and demonstrated H3C's outstanding capacity for cloud integration.

According to the Application Migration Plan for the Provincial Government Cloud, all non-confidential information systems in all departments of the provincial government in June 2017 and all provincial non-confidential information systems will be migrated to the cloud platform of provincial government by 2018. This western province will promote the management mechanism of “perform with data, decide with data, use data for management, and use data for innovation” under the construction of the platform in order to fully improve the public services and governance capacities of the modern government.

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