MSR Services for Well-known Financial WAN Networks

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Project background:

As one of the government departments taking the lead in applying computers for business oversight and office administration, the Administration for Industry and Commerce of XX Province prioritizes informatizing government affairs. Despite the construction of local area networks within a government building, the external network website, and that of the provincial, municipal, county- and town-level network system for industry and commerce relying on the backbone of "digital XX city" e-government network, the original network capacity quickly finds itself inundated and unable to cope with how quickly data business is expanding or businesses’ diverse requirements (voice, video, etc.). Therefore, it is important to transform the existing network to meet industry and commerce. The XX administration plans to build a dedicated network system for industry and commerce, featuring networking, intelligence, and information sharing, while integrating existing information technology and resources for the entire province. It also plans to construct a "Triple Play" platform, which is a high-speed broadband, secure, and convenient multimedia platform for information exchange and sharing.

This network reconstruction includes the construction of a WAN within the provincial administration system for industry and commerce. The three-level provincial WAN system is a high-speed WAN platform that covers 1 provincial node, 9 regional and municipal nodes, and 84 county and district nodes for information exchange and sharing.

The WAN of the XX administration system for industry and commerce will center around the provincial administration and cover the provincial, municipal and county-level government institutions. On the unified network platform, a "Triple Play" computer information network of data, voice, and video would be built primarily to transmit data for the tax collection and management system.

Scope of construction:

The entire project’s construction scope involves 1 central provincial node, 9 regional and municipal nodes, and 84 county and district nodes. The construction of county and district nodes must meet the future demands for video and voice transmission. Therefore, for device selection, their performance, service quality, warranty, and supported forms of business must be fully considered.

Networking solution:

In the 84 counties and districts, each node is configured with a MSR20-40 router and a S3600-28TP switch. The MSR2040 is configured with an E1 port to access the provincial industrial and commercial backbone network through SDH, and it is connected to the backbone network through the provincial e-government network. The main link is an SDH transmission network. It would automatically switch to the provincial e-government path when the main link fails.

Application effect:

The reconstructed network for industry and commerce is built with IP technology as the backbone of the communication platform and has effectively integrated the existing network system. The backbone bandwidth can be extended smoothly to match the needs of business development. It supports the application of comprehensive network services and provides a basic platform to develop video and voice services within the entire province in the future. Centralized network management, hierarchical maintenance, and batch equipment management significantly reduces the maintenance load.

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