Strong Support for the G20 Hangzhou Summit


As China enters the New Economy era, more and more cities are beginning to pay attention to image-building and the promotion of their international influence. As an important dimension in judging a city’s influence, large stadiums and commercial buildings meeting world-class standards are being built to hold important international activities and conferences. At present, the construction of smart venues and the holding of major conferences are all focusing on digital transformation.

On September 4, 2016, the 11th summit of G20 leaders (hereinafter referred to as the G20 summit) was held in the Hangzhou International Expo Center. H3C, as the only provider of wired and wireless network devices and solutions for this G20 summit, undertook network services and support during the whole summit, along with China Telecom, and provided network services for the main venues of the G20 summit — the Hangzhou International Expo Center, the Hangzhou International Conference Center for the B20 Summit and important hotels receiving guests from all countries, such as Hangzhou Xizi Hotel — fully meeting the demand for high-standard communications services for the summit. Through the application of a series of new IT technologies, people now have a new understanding of digital construction for international conferences.

Four-Sphere Integration Realizing the Blanket Layout of Support Systems

During summits a large volume of access is necessary, and this data must be processed, which requires outstanding digitalization, carrying capacity and network usability. With the technical support of H3C, 13,857 network devices were operated online, and more than 3,700 wireless APs were accessed throughout the entire summit, including S12500 core switch, a SecPath M9000 gateway for multiple services, a WA4330 trident high-density AP, an iMC management platform and other products. During the peak period, nearly 6,000 terminals realized online operations simultaneously. In addition, the maximum number of terminals accessible to a single AP was more than 100, and the stable operation of Non-Intrusive Authentication and high-density access came true through the vBRAS platform.

In order to ensure the safety of the network, H3C launched a comprehensive “Four-Sphere Integration” security system with a flat organizational structure, a full process management mechanism, information system methods, and a normalized work system. A digital communications support system was established with the help of apps for intelligent web operations, a reliance on innovative 5W1H, one platform, one control point, full-life tracing and a PDCA tool as a means to guarantee the whole life cycle and realize a support system for blanket layout.

More than 100 experts from H3C Group provided on-site support for the summit’s network. At the site of the Telecom Command Center, the operation status of the network throughout the entire G20 summit could be seen in real time through a management page. On the screen, the staff could intuitively observe the general condition of terminal types, increasing terminal and equipment response.

From Authentication to WI-FI, Achieving the Best Digital Experience

In the International Expo Center, the main venue of the G20 summit, H3C not only allowed the network to be unblocked in the conference center but also enabled the media of all countries in the news center to broadcast this grand occasion in Hangzhou to the whole world for the first time.

The digital venue system was effective because the WI-FI in the main venue was unhindered, and seamless coverage of WI-FI was realized in other venues and related hotels. At this G20 summit, the key of the network was the NFV (vBRAS) resource pool, which carried the user services of related venues and hotels and realized Non-Intrusive Authentication after docking with the Telecom iWi-Fi platform. Thus, no matter whether a user authenticated successfully in the venue or in a hotel during the summit, direct access to hotspots later on could be realized with no need for secondary authentication. The synchronization of authentication information and session information was realized among multiple vBRAS devices in the NFV cluster. When a single device failed, information was quickly switched within 50 milliseconds, flying under user awareness and ensuring the best experience for users.

H3C, as the main force for communications support at this summit, along with local operators, completed all communications support tasks. All support personnel put forward suggestions to complete the network construction of eight key scenic spots, the construction of important websites and system platforms, and the supporting tasks of the media, foreign guests, over 170 important places and hotels, and over 100 key projects.

Innovative Operations Driving the Digital Transformation of Intelligent Venues

There is no doubt that we can see the prominent factor of “digital innovation” everywhere at the G20 Hangzhou summit. From the most basic infrastructure of software and hardware, to the on-site services of technical experts and to integrated management, we can feel the new innovative IT thinking of H3C. In the future, network communications in large conference venues will definitely be developed and changed. In this traditional and modern industry, more abundant types and more mature business models under the trend of digital transformation will appear. H3C, as the leader of new IT solutions, hopes to exert its own advantages to provide professional, efficient and personalized solutions while reshaping its value with new IT technology. With the new IT solution of “Interconnectivity, Cloud Computing and Data Security” and leading digital technology, H3C Group has successfully assisted the 2016 Hangzhou G20 Summit, the 2016 Wuzhen World Internet Conference, the 2016 Kunshan Thomas & Uber Cup, the 53rd World Table Tennis Championships in 2015, the 2014 Beijing APEC Summit, the 2014 Nanjing Youth Olympic Games, the 2010 Shanghai World Expo, the 2008 Beijing Olympic Games and other major international events. Since the G20 summit, people will measure the digitalization of large venues and conference activities with higher standards. Thus, H3C will continue to drive the digitalization of intelligent buildings with mature operational services, leading the construction and innovation of a new generation of intelligent venues.