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The adoption of cloud computing across various industries has surged, offering on-demand resource delivery, reliable data storage, stringent security compliance, manageable costs, high resource utilization, exceptional availability, and centralized management. H3C's Learningspace seamlessly integrates cloud technology with educational settings, enabling the creation of vibrant, course-specific teaching templates. It also offers extensive teaching management features, propelling educational methodologies into the cloud era. Trust H3C to facilitate a smooth transition to innovative, cloud-based learning solutions that meet the dynamic demands of modern education.

Your challenge to solve is our collective mission

Fragmented Learning Experience

Disparate third-party software complicates teaching coordination and student engagement, while varied courses demand multiple computer labs.

Data Security

Shared PCs among students pose data security risks, and USB transfers heighten the threat of virus propagation.

Maintenance Complexity

While on-site troubleshooting is mandatory, the problem solving procedure (system recoveries and software installations) is time-consuming. Proactive monitoring (fault monitoring and routine inspection) is highly demanded.

Resource Allocation

Inflexible hardware performance cannot cater to diverse course needs, which renders effective system integration within educational institutions impossible.


  • Basic Computer Lab.png

    Standard Learning Lab

    Basic Computer Lab.jpg

    Ideal for introductory computing classes or general use facilities, supporting applications like Microsoft Office and internet browsing with moderate performance needs.

  • Professional Training Lab.png

    Advanced Training Suite

    Professional Training Lab.jpg

    Catered to specialized courses requiring high-performance computing, such as 3D modeling or engineering software, for in-depth teaching and hands-on practice.

  • Paperless Exam Center.png

    Paperless Exam Center

    Paperless Exam Center.jpg

    Serves as a reliable electronic examination center where system configurations and software adhere to testing standards, emphasizing system stability and data security.

Streamlined Educational IT Infrastructure

H3C's Learningspace implements hyper-converged clusters in the data center, customizes desktop pools according to course requirements, and dynamically allocates computing and storage resources. The classroom client seamlessly connects to the designated desktop through the campus network. A unified management platform oversees resources, courses, and user data while integrating teaching software.

H3C's learningspace副本.png


Enhanced Classroom Interaction

Our integrated teaching management software supports interactive learning with tools for screen sharing, attendance registration, student presentations, file transfers, and group discussions.

Reliable Data Transmission

H3C's proprietary VDP (Virtual Desktop Protocol) ensures low-latency, high-quality data transmission for an uninterrupted learning experience.

Customizable Course Environments

Learningspace comes equipped with virtual machines (VMs) that deploy tailored desktop environments based on specific course templates.

On-Demand GPU Resources

Allocate enterprise-grade GPU resources as needed, providing a seamless experience for 3D applications and graphics-intensive tasks.

Secure Exam Infrastructure

Our system delivers specialized exam images, enabling customization and preservation of the exam environment, and supports automated setup for testing.

Intelligent Operations Management

Manage data center resources effectively and perform remote operations and maintenance through a centralized web management platform.

Your trusted advisor for digital transformation

Easy to use.png

Easy to use

Use it like a traditional computer, teachers and students do not need to pay learning costs

Vibrant classroom teaching.png

Vibrant classroom teaching

Built-in interactive teaching software and multiple interactive teaching functions make the classroom more lively and efficient

Improve hardware utilization.png

Improve hardware utilization

Computing and storage resources are pooled and allocated on demand to reduce idle resources.

High security.png

High security

Multi-dimensional protection of system and data security such as agentless antivirus, restore mode, and automatic data saving

High O_M efficiency.png

High O&M efficiency

Improve operation and maintenance efficiency through batch deployment, unified management, etc.

Cost Saving.png

Cost Saving

In total lifecycle, TCO reduced by 50% compared to traditional desktops

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