The product images and screen contents in the above pages are for illustration purposes only. The actual product effect (including but not limited to appearance, color, size) and screen display content (including but not limited to background, UI, matching images) may vary slightly, so please refer to the actual product. The data in the above pages are theoretical values, which are measured by H3C Intelligent Terminal Lab under specific testing environment (please see each specific description). However, in actual use, these data may change slightly due to individual product differences, software versions, usage conditions and environmental factors, so please refer to the values under actual use. Due to real-time changes in product batches and production supply factors, in order to provide accurate product information, specifications and features as much as possible, H3C may adjust and revise the text expressions, picture effects and other contents in the above pages in real time so that they match the actual product performance, specifications, indices, parts and other information. In the event that there is a genuine need to make such changes and adjustments, no special notice will be given.
*Scores from H3C labs; 12x performance improvement for Android system; subsequent Android 12 user upgrades via OTA; 4K camera offering 88° ultra-wide angle.
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