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Educational institutions often face challenges with underperforming wireless networks, marked by unstable connectivity, troublesome roaming experiences, and elusive device troubleshooting. H3C's tailored wireless solutions for education elevate these networks with high-speed Access Points (APs), strategic deployment, and intelligent operation and maintenance platform. Our dedication to excellence ensures robust, high-quality wireless networks for schools, fostering a seamless and reliable connection for both educators and students.

Your challenge to solve is our collective mission

Deployment Challenges

The diverse scenarios in schools and universities make network deployment a complex endeavor.

Bandwidth Demands

The shift to digital learning and work requires significantly faster wireless transmission speeds.

Coverage Consistency

Dynamic campus environments often lead to coverage blind spots requiring proactive network optimization.

Seamless Roaming

Users experience slow connections and lag as they move between classrooms, offices, and dormitories.

O&M Efficiency

The complexity of wireless networks hinders swift problem identification and resolution.

Quality Assurance

Subpar online learning and choppy video conferencing result from inadequate service experiences.

To meet and surpass the wireless network demands of a modern campus confidently, with H3C

The H3C wireless network solution includes a range of access points (APs), such as WiFi 6 and WiFi 7, to provide high-speed access for various school scenarios. It features intelligent operation to deliver reliable and seamless service experiences for users, and utilizes AI and big data for intelligent analysis, enabling network problem prediction and automatic healing.

Solution Architecture.png


Enhanced Experiences

Our solutions ensure seamless connectivity for an exceptional user experience.

Comprehensive Portfolio

H3C offers a diverse range of Access Points to meet the unique needs of educational environments.

Service Assurance

Advanced application identification and acceleration technologies ensure the high performance of essential educational services.

User-Centric Design

H3C Doctor AP technology could act as user terminals to simulate user experience

High-Speed Roaming

Dynamic bandwidth management facilitates smooth and rapid mobility across campus networks.

Smart O&M

Leveraging H3C's innovative 4i technology, our systems provide automated detection, swift problem-solving, and ongoing network fine-tuning.

Your trusted advisor for digital transformation

Quick Deployment.png

Expedited Network Deployment

Our expertise and advanced tools enable swift setup of robust wireless networks.


Ultra-High Speed Connectivity

Experience seamless educational and multimedia streaming with speeds up to 18.67 Gbps.

High Concurrency.png

High Concurrency

Our solutions support over 1536 active devices simultaneously, ensuring connectivity for all users.

Low Latency.png

Ultra-Low Latency

Benefit from sub-5ms latency on Wifi-7 and under 30ms on Wifi-6 for real-time applications.

Full Coverage.png

Seamless Roaming

Achieve optimal wireless coverage in every educational setting with our tailored solutions.

Intelligent O_M.png

Proactive Operations & Maintenance

H3C's 4i technology automates issue detection and resolution, maintaining peak network performance.

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