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The essence of digital transformation in education is the seamless integration of emerging technologies like cloud computing, big data, and AI with educational processes. This synergy facilitates comprehensive business, application, process, and organizational restructuring, leading to heightened efficiency and significant cost reductions. Our approach empowers institutions to embrace the digital era confidently and effectively.

Your challenge to solve is our collective mission

Agile Deployment Challenge

The need for swift setup of R&D test environments in education is hindered by the inflexibility of traditional virtualization methods.

Scalability Issues

Existing hardware setups are isolated, limiting scalability and preventing smooth linear expansion of IT resources.

Resource Underutilization

Departmental hardware redundancies lead to low IT resource utilization, resulting in inefficient capital expenditure.

Maintenance Inefficiency

Manual processes in resource application, creation, and configuration burden O&M staff, reducing operational efficiency.

A glance at how we build the digital experience that motivates and inspires

H3C UIS represents a fusion of premium hardware and advanced hyper-converged software. Our servers, powered by cutting-edge X86 processors, offer a range of models tailored to specific business needs.  The comprehensive software suite encompasses computing, storage, and network security virtualization, alongside our UIS management software. This integrated management platform orchestrates data center resources, ensuring seamless operation of top-tier applications.

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Plug-and-Play Setup

Our HCI servers offer immediate functionality upon deployment, significantly expediting service rollout.

Adaptive Scaling

UIS dynamically scales resources, automatically deploying VMs to manage surges in student enrollment and course selection traffic.

Ensured Continuity

With advanced HA features, our system autonomously manages resources, tailoring to specific failure detection times and recovery protocols.

Cloud-Ready Transition

Our versatile migration tools are designed for high compatibility, transcending constraints of hardware types and virtualization architectures.

Consolidated Storage

Our solution delivers a singular cluster that provides block, file, and object storage services seamlessly.

Streamlined Management

The unified O&M platform, with its intuitive shortcuts and one-click health checks, simplifies operations and heightens maintenance efficiency.

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Rapid Deployment

Business systems are swiftly allocated and deployed, transitioning from planning to production in mere minutes.

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Scalable Investment

Begin with a cost-effective two-node cluster and expand seamlessly, with zero disruption to your operations.

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Streamlined Maintenance

Our platform simplifies upkeep with intuitive shortcuts and a one-click health check, enhancing operational efficiency.

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Educational Excellence

We provide a stable and flexible environment that supports both teaching excellence and research innovation.

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Resource Optimization

By virtualizing physical assets into a unified resource pool, we maximize the utilization of idle resources, delivering cost savings.

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Smart Campus Core

Laying the groundwork for smart campus development, our solution is pivotal for comprehensive digital integration.