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Customer Introduction

The department was specifically incorporated in 1996 to undertake the privatization of water supply and distribution in Selangor and Federal Territories of Kuala Lumpur and Putrajaya. In 1995, it was appointed by respective federal and state governments to manage, operate and distribute quality clean water for over 10 million customers for a period of 30 years, making it the biggest water concessionaire in Malaysia. The department is made up of a professional, dedicated and skillful management committed towards excellent customer service and reshaping the local utility industry.

Customer Requirements

The biggest issue of office network is rigid infrastructure and complex O&M. It is hard to provide plug-and-play function and consistent superior experience under this infrastructure. Customer also required automation and convergence to display all network situation without too much manual configurations. For IT administrators, present network is difficult to guarantee high availability. Furthermore, they want new network to be compatible with their existing devices to save investment.

H3C Campus Solution

Solution Architecture

Based on analysis of user numbers, customer requirements, network bandwidth and other metrics, H3C offers a SDN and customized campus network solution – AD-Campus (Application-Driven Campus) Solution. There are three stacking leaf switches deployed separately in three different buildings. Each group links to multiple stacking access switches deployed in different floors which are used for terminals and APs (access point). Main and backup server are in building 1 and 2 respectively, which run AD-Campus controller and other software. With the help of H3C firewall and 3rd party firewall and load balance, server farm and internet will be easy and secure to access.

Solution Benefits

Automation – Network deployment, service provisioning, network expansion and fault device replacement are all automatically implemented by controller with several clicks, which considerably reduce the complexity and save workload while improving efficiency.

Consistent Experience – All the officers in three different places can roam seamlessly with same policy and authority. Even there are department adjustment or officer station movement, it doesn’t have to reassign IP address and segment as before.

Compatibility – AD-Campus solution is compatible with 3rd party wireless network and LDAP server, firewall and load balance to give huge saving on investment. Related wireless network, authentication and security policy are running well with the network.

High Availability – Cold standby, failure bypass and DHCP failover are used in the network to give entire assurance of reliability. When there is failure connecting to authentication server, it is able to lead new access users to critical VxLAN with limited authority to make the network still available.

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