Smart Campus Empowers the Training of World-Class Talent in SCUT

Smart Campus Empowers the Training of World-Class Talent in SCUT

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Data Brief

Large-Scale Deployment of over 7,000 Digital Devices

Gathering Data from 18 Specialized Systems

Successfully Integrating “Three Campuses of One University”Serving 10 New Engineering Colleges

Supporting 12 domestic and foreign academician and 100 of the Most Talented Researchers and Educators

Training 12,000 Highly Talented Individuals Every Year

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The power of digitalization is overturning our understanding of education and campus life. The Guangzhou International Campus of South China University of Technology (SCUT) has used an efficient and reliable SDN (software-defined network) campus network to accelerate the implementation of smart education and promote the innovation of education models, campus life and management methods. It has thus become a new example for the development of digitalization in education, providing enormous reference value to Chinese universities in their leap forward into the era of intelligence.

Located in Guangzhou, Guangdong, SCUT has a history of over 100 years. It is a comprehensive research university with a strong expertise in engineering and the coordinated development of multiple disciplines. As a national key university directly under the Ministry of Education, SCUT is also at the forefront of the industry in terms of digitalization. In 1978, it established the education technology center and began to explore e-teaching. In 1994, it became one of the first six universities to submit a CERNET project proposal to the State Development Planning Commission. In 2012, it took the lead in undertaking the special project of National Development and Reform Commission to carry out the construction of the green wireless smart campus. By 2017, SCUT’s “online office” and “one form” project had begun offering more than 100 services and more than 50 small applications, making great strides in smart campus development.

In September 2019, the International Campus of SCUT welcomed the first batch of freshmen. The campus was jointly built by the Ministry of Education, Guangdong Province, Guangzhou City and SCUT. All parties were committed to creating a world-class, international demonstration campus featuring research and modern engineering. During the construction of the new campus, H3C fully assisted the construction of the overall intelligent network, using the innovative campus network and the intelligent, private service network to support campus service systems and applications, further strengthening the digital innovation cornerstone of this exemplary smart campus.

Campus Interconnectivity: Conducting Smart Education Reform with Intelligent Network

As the proving ground for a world-class university, the selection of disciplines at the Guangzhou International Campus is aimed at the world’s technological frontiers, focusing on strengthening the deployment of disciplines in emerging frontier cross-cutting fields, carrying out significant basic research and the cultivation of senior talents. The pedagogical positioning and characteristics of the new campus require that the school’s digitalization use big-data-intensive research paradigms to support interdisciplinary research. It must support modern teaching methods such as smart classrooms, smart laboratories and MOOCs. And it must support college management and interoperability with the international educational model.

In response to these high-standard application requirements, H3C — based on its years of leading technology and practical experience in campus network development — helped SCUT first build a strong campus network system and then used SDN on the network architecture. It built private layer-2 and layer-3 isolated multi-service convergence networks on the same physical network, used the characteristics of SDNs to dynamically adjust network resources to solve peak-valley problems, and used the characteristics of centralized SDN control to achieve rapid deployment and dynamic expansion to meet the periodic needs of digitalization. On the security management strategy, the business-oriented grouping mode is adopted, and the unified management is carried out through the security group to realize various advanced and complex policy control functions.

Based on more than 7,000 devices, including SDN campus network, intelligent network, wireless IoT and SDN data center, etc., H3C also provided the flexible access authentication mechanism for the Guangzhou International Campus network, successfully integrated three campuses into one campus so that different businesses could be flexibly customized according to their needs, and it put new smart campus applications, such as virtual campus cards and green energy consumption reduction, under uniform management throughout the university.

Focusing on Data, Driving the Intelligent Evolution of Campus Services

In the “block-style” Guangzhou International Campus of SCUT, teachers and students can enjoy the same quality of wireless network services no matter where they are on campus after accessing the wireless network. For network managers on campus, they can also flexibly customize the campus network management mode to realize the automatic launching and deployment of business.

Through the introduction of smart network solutions, SCUT successfully met the digitalization needs of its new campus. It also adopted new network architecture and created a dense deployment of IoT nodes and communication nodes, along with a powerful data center. This equipped the campus with the capability to process IoT data, campus network data, business system data and data from scientific research and teaching activities. SCUT’s central monitoring platform can collect, store, analyze and learn from the data of 18 specialized systems to form a comprehensive school dataset. Through data association analysis and the collaboration of various systems, complex applications such as security interconnectivity, emergency response, green energy consumption reduction, the comprehensive evaluation of teachers and students, and personalized guidance for students, can be realized. In other words, the intelligent evolution of campus services is driven by data.

At this new historical development starting point, as well as its 100th anniversary, SCUT put forward the strategic goal of building a world-class university. To this end, the construction of the Guangzhou International Campus is an important measure to promote this goal. As the leader in digital solutions, H3C will rely on the years of experience and technological accumulation to provide the most forward-looking digital solutions for customers in the education industry such as SCUT, and empower world-class talent training through smart education to help China to create a brighter future.