Digitalization Drives the Chip Innovation and Development of Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd.

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Data Brief

One-Stop Digital Solution

Promoting the Mass Production of China’s First 64-Layer 3D NAND Flash Memory

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Chips are known as the “grain” of modern industry, it requires thoughtful design, complex processes and precise craftsmanship, which means that the chip production process must be highly digital. Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. focuses on the design and manufacture of 3D NAND flash memory, and with forward-looking ideas and bold innovation, it has realized the comprehensive application of digital technology to build a digital platform that meets the needs of high-end manufacturing business.

In the field of storage, 3D NAND delivers better performance, lower costs and a higher storage density. In September 2019, Yangtze Memory Technologies Co., Ltd. (YMTC), announced that China’s first 64-layer 3D NAND flash memory designed on the basis of Xtacking® architecture, has been put into mass production. The successful research and development of Xtacking® technology and the mass production of 64-layer 3D NAND flash memory indicate that YMTC has successfully embarked on an innovative road of high-end chip design and manufacturing.

The design, production and manufacture of chips not only require an efficient corporate structure and business process, but also an effective digital business system. Relying on its strong digital capabilities, H3C has provided a complete IaaS-layer solution for YMTC’s all business systems such as MIS operations, EA R & D design, CIM production and manufacturing, and campus management, helping YMTC to cultivate core competitiveness and build the world’s leading chip intelligent manufacturing base.

Efficient IT Builds the Digital Cornerstone of Intelligent Manufacturing

Compared with other manufacturing fields, the manufacturing process difficulty and precision manufacturing requirements of chips are the highest in the industry, which means that chip production can only be achieved through highly automated and intelligent methods. Thus, chip enterprises have put forward high standards for both informatization and the convergence of informatization and industrial automation. Likewise, chip manufacturing also put forward very high requirements for the reliability and stability of Informationized system. For these reasons, when selecting partners, YMTC not only required that they can provide highly reliable high-performance products, but also required their capabilities to provide systematic solutions, as well as good service and rapid response. After strict screening, H3C became the IaaS infrastructure provider of YMTC, providing comprehensive digital support for all business systems of YMTC.

For different types of application scenarios and system requirements of YMTC’s business, production, design and monitoring, H3C designed targeted solutions to provide different levels of reliability, computing power and storage power. The stable operation of the service system is the foundation of the company’s operations, H3C used the HANA all-in-one machine to provide stable support for the operation of ERP, BI and other business systems that deployed by YMTC based on SAP solutions For critical production systems, H3C provided solutions in the form of high-performance DL580 series servers, Superdome minicomputers and 3PAR storage to support YMTC’s key production applications, such as its Manufacturing Execution System (MES) and Advanced Process Control (APC). In addition, H3C’s virtual server and virtual desktop architecture provided a more convenient office experience for the chip design process, and the high-performance blade server computing platform of H3C offered high computing power for modelling and simulation tasks, which comprehensively helped Yangtze Memory Technologies to improve its production efficiency and management experience.

Intelligent Connectivity & Double-Take DR, Comprehensive Support for Stable Service Operation

The powerful underlying computing architecture forms the basis of YMTC’s business innovation is only the most fundamental step in advancing the digital enterprise layout. How to efficiently connect these powerful service systems and equipment to support timely analysis and the extensive sharing of data is the cornerstone for reaping computing power’s maximum value. At present, all the IT systems of YMTC are connected through H3C’s advanced network solutions, and the powerful data transmission and interactive capabilities are achieved through the 40G backbone network. At the same time, the entire campus, including the office and production areas, is also covered by H3C’s high-performance Wi-Fi solution, which enables mobile office and wireless production.

In addition, H3C provided YMTC with comprehensive protection that includes aspects such as security, O&M and double-take disaster recovery, ensuring stable and reliable service operations. In particular, in order to improve the high availability of the services, H3C implemented redundant deployments between the two data centers of YMTC’s campus, and also implemented double-take disaster recovery through a large Layer 2 network, using 3PAR double-take technology to achieve double-take storage, and achieving double-take service through Service Guard cluster technology, which created a foolproof guard to protect key services and data in chip design and production.

The design and production of chips not only require deep technical experience, as well as strong design and development capabilities, but also require leading digital solutions as support and guarantee. In the era of accelerated digital innovation, H3C will work with YMTC to promote convergence and innovation, and contribute more to the flourishing development of the storage industry, as well as the digital transformation of other industries.

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