11-Network Management and Monitoring Configuration Guide

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06-Sampler configuration
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Configuring samplers

A sampler selects a packet from sequential packets and sends the packet to other service modules for processing. It operates in fixed mode, which selects the first packet from sequential packets in each sampling.

Port mirroring can use a sampler to sample packets to reduce the number of mirrored packets. For more information about port mirroring, see "Configuring port mirroring."

Creating a sampler




1.       Enter system view.



2.       Create a sampler.

sampler sampler-name mode fixed packet-interval rate

By default, no sampler exists.


Displaying and maintaining a sampler

Execute display commands in any view.




Display configuration information for a sampler (in standalone mode).

display sampler [ sampler-name ] [ slot slot-number ]

Display configuration information for a sampler (in IRF mode).

display sampler [ sampler-name ] [ chassis chassis-number slot slot-number ]




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