Next Generation Network Solution for Ruian’s Largest Hospital

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The largest comprehensive hospital in Ruian, this comprehensive mid-sized first-class Hospital, approved by Zhejiang Provincial Department of Health, integrates medical treatment, scientific research, teaching, illness prevention, healthcare, and rehabilitation. The Hospital adopts a "one hospital and two sites" – Wansong and Ruixiang – operational model. The two professionally complementary and administratively integrated sites form a medical teaching, scientific research, and clinical treatment center well known even in Wenzhou, southern Zhejiang Province. Currently, the Wansong site has 1,788 beds, with 1,000 in Ruixiang.

After thorough analysis of the state of digitalization at the Hospital, H3C's technical experts recommended the AD Campus solution. Although this had not previously been implemented a medical environment, it promised to resolve the contradiction between provision of flexible access to various types of medical and mobile network clients (STAs) – enabling these to access the hospital network regardless of their locations within the hospital – and security at the hospital network perimeter, by completely decoupling STAs from their locations. H3C adoption of the AD Campus solution also addressed issues of multi-network convergence at the hospital. Through use of VXLAN technology, and virtualization of existing physical networks, convergence of physical networks and virtual networks was achieved. The AD Campus solution’s integrated network management platform now enables management of the Hospital’s wireless networks via a single platform, greatly simplifying routine operations and maintenance (O&M) functions such as network and business application health monitoring.

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