H3C Solution Ushers in BYOD Era for Famous Southern Station

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The most famous Railway Station in Southern China, H3C’s customer is a large modern station, dedicated to passenger transport, located at the intersection of numerous conventional and high speed rails, urban rail lines, intercity rail transit lines, and ring roads. Divided into three levels, the station itself manages and operates 522 kilometers of track. Forecast to handle 80 million passengers in 2020, it is one of the largest high-speed railway stations in China.

Railway inspection and operations systems have long consisted mainly of manually completion of task lists, manually data confirmation and data entry, and so on, reducing work efficiency, and complicating workload quantification and evaluation. But these paper-based workflows are incompatible with the current social requirements for efficiency. As the mobile Internet has developed, the high-efficiency paperless office has entered the mainstream. The Station did not wish to be excluded from this trend, and continue to lag behind in terms of work efficiency.

H3C Mobile IT Solution rejuvenates Station

Rapid developments in information technology and the mobile Internet have driven growing demand for wireless access within the Station – both from passengers and Station staff. On May 20th, 2012, the Station’s Integrated Command Center officially entered trial operation, after H3C deployed a wireless network of mobile inspection operations systems involving over 130 indoor and outdoor WA2600 wireless APs and wireless controllers, and providing full WiFi coverage at the Station.

The mobile patrol operations system utilizes mobile phone as terminals, establishing a network of phones and servers that ensures content synchronization and stores inspection results, opening a new era of paperless inspection and patrol for the railway industry. The system ensures that the relevant staff can obtain information quickly, and enables real-time online communication and problem resolution via voice, text, and video communication. This saves resources, cuts costs, and frees inspectors from many of the time and space limitations they previously faced.

Why H3C

Excellent WLAN wireless design and deployment capabilities

Redundantly deployed wireless controllers and AP cross-coverage in key areas assure the wireless network’s high reliability. Adoption of hidden SSIDs, mobile MAC address white-listing, and encrypted wireless transmission provide secure transmission of operational information. The Station’s famous South Hall uses 5GHz to avoid 2.4GHz interference from telecommunications such as China Mobile, China Unicom, the famous Wireless City. Use of small horizontal-lobe directional antennae, avoids problems with cross-station coverage interference. Deployment of 500 MW high power direction APs in the South Hall provides wide range access with low density.

Customized R&D capabilities

For its Station customer, H3C engaged in R&D to the solve problem of VoIP interruption during Android device roaming. VoIP can now be delivered seamlessly to Android devices roaming within the Station.

Wide WLAN product range addresses varied scenarios

H3C wireless access devices offer many choices for different application scenarios. The famous South Station covers a large area, and needs full WiFi coverage, but indoor and outdoor access scenarios differ. To address this, H3C WA2620 series outdoor/indoor APs were selected during project implementation. These provide a good service experience while also meeting environmental requirements.

Create value for customers

H3C’s resolution of BYOD-related information security issues, allowed the introduction of a BYOD policy, changing Station staff work routines via greatly improving the portability and usability of their intelligent terminals and access to wireless networks, and making a great contribution to staff’s operational efficiency and work satisfaction.

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