"Projecting China's Image-Creating an International Hub"-H3C Powers Digitalization of China's Largest Airport

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This Airport is the most important and largest international airport in China. With the most advanced equipment, and the largest transport volumes, it provides an important window on China’s air travel, and presents China to the rest of the world.

The Airport’s Terminal 3 (T3) building is the world's largest single terminal building, with an area of 980,000 square meters, and throughput of 89.94 million passengers in 2015, ranking first in Asia and second worldwide. At peak rates, 1900 flights take off and land daily – its operations and security cannot tolerate even a moment’s interruption.

H3C Plans and Sets up the Airport’s Network

The T3 Terminal was formally put into operation in February 2008. It’s integrated H3C-constructed 10G network platform bears responsibility for delivery of almost all of its of key real-time operational and management services, including ground emergency command, airport terminal broadcasting, flight information display, passenger departure control, safety over a 2700 camera safety and office networking. T3 employs over 1,000 H3C devices, including SR8800 core routers, S9500 high-end switches, and WLAN. Its eight physical networks include a backbone network, a production scheduling service network, a security network, an office network and commercial networks. During T3’s construction, H3C provided resident expert design, implementation, operation and maintenance services, gaining the customer’s acclaim.

Why H3C?

T3’s large campus network is based on a 10-Gigabit Ethernet backbone, with key nodes adopting a dual-device/dual-link design to ensure service reliability and support high availability of technologies such as multicast, broadcast, and OSPF GR. H3C has assisted in T3’s comprehensive digitalization of operations and management, helped the airport become a world-leading “International Airport”, thanks to its high-performance, high-reliability information platform.

● H3C’s mature reliable airport solution is widely applied, and carries scheduling and management information services;

● H3C's localized service and rapid response guarantees covered the project’s pre-sales, implementation, and after-sales periods;

● H3C’s mature, stable network product line has reached top-three status world-wide after over than 10 years of accumulated experience and development;

● H3C’s core, aggregation, and access switches all support wire speed forwarding to ensure high network performance;

● Virtual campus network technology provides efficient logical isolation: core and aggregation switches support MPLS, VPNs and MCEs to facilitate logical isolation of different service systems;

● H3C’s solution guarantees high availability. Device stability and link/device/master/wireless controller switchover do not affect services.

Creating value for customers

In order to handle the T3 transformation, H3C established a major project at company-level, guaranteeing highest priority access to after-sales experts, staffing, equipment supply and factory inspection. Since it was put into operation in February 2008, the T3 network has been ‘tested’ many times by traffic flows related to the Olympic Games, National Day and Spring Festival holidays. The network has withstood each test without difficulty, delivering over ten years of stable operation.

H3C's many years of civil aviation industry digitalization, implementation and service experience, and localized R&D support, have received the full recognition of this customer – China’s largest Airport.

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