CR16000 Router


In the 5G era, H3C Group is vigorously engaged in the development of 5G network for operators, helping to "open and integrate" the network. The ultra-large bandwidth and low latency of the 5G network require an extremely high technical level of 5G bearer network and core network. H3C boasts complete data communication access, convergence, and core and backbone network router devices. H3C CR16000 has advanced architecture and powerful routing forwarding performance and can meet the requirements of the current and future service expansion. H3C CR16000 is mainly used in the operator's MAN, 4/5G core network CE router and data center backbone interconnection node. CR16000 has passed the centralized procurement test of China Telecom, China Mobile and China Unicom with flying colors. These three major operators have fully accepted and used CR16000 in the commercial deployment of network.

Reliable to carry multiple services

H3C CR16000 has been used in the network of the three major operators

China Telecom

In 2018 and 2019, H3C CR16000 ranked first in China Telecom's MSE centralized procurement for two consecutive years.

Nearly two hundred CR16000 devices deployed in the MAN MSE scenario in 15 provinces were proved to be mature and stable.

China Mobile

Since 2009, H3C CR16000 has won China Mobile’s bidding for centralized procurement eight consecutive times.

In 2016: Passed 400G platform test as the first supplier

In 2017: Won the largest share on all bid sections of routers

In 2018: Won the largest share for two consecutive years

In 2019: Obtained a share of 1600+ sets

China Unicom

H3C CR16000 won the bidding for centralized procurement of BNG and more than 100 BNG devices have been installed in 9 provincial branches