H3C’s AD-WAN Helps Ririshun Logistics to Build a New Generation of Wide Area Network

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Entering the digital and cloud era, a large number of emerging enterprise business, such as 5G, VoIP, AI and IoT, are closely integrated with cloud computing. Traditional WAN, based on expensive leased lines like MPLS, cannot meet the surging enterprise WAN traffic. And SD-WAN has gradually become an inevitable trend. SD-WAN enables enterprise applications to balance and optimize applications among different hybrid links (MPLS, Internet, LTE, etc.) with multiple branches, thereby improving the reliability, flexibility, and operation and maintenance efficiency of enterprise WAN networks.

Building Intelligent WAN

Ririshun Logistics is a leading brand of large-scale logistics in China. It has 15 shipping bases, 136 smart warehouses, and a total storage area of more than 6 million square meters.

In order to improve the quality of the network, reduce the cost of operation and maintenance, and improve the visibility of the network, the customer wants to build a stable, efficient, reliable, and intelligent wide area network, which can meet the needs of different business, such as OA system, video conferencing and other business, and guarantee critical business.

Figure 1 Topology of Ririshun Logistics

Based on analysis of user characteristics, network usage, and traffic statistics and with the help of H3C's high-performance products, H3C provides a new generation of wide area network architecture for the customer — the Application-Driven Wide Area Network (AD-WAN) Solution. Headquarter utilizes two SR6600X high-performance SDN routers and two S7506E campus chassis switches. Branches adopt 270 MSR2630 routers and 270 S5130 switches. The following figure shows the architecture topology of the AD-WAN solution.

Zero touch Provisioning – make business deploying more agile

The branches of Ririshun Logistics are spread all over China, and the geographical location is very scattered. The deployment of some new services requires the deployment of the entire network. The traditional configuration will consume a lot of manpower and is prone to human configuration errors. H3C’s AD-WAN solution, automatically completes the initial configuration of device through the controller, reducing the risk of errors, shortening the business on-line cycle from weeks to days, and liberating the work of O&M personnel.

Network visualization - make the network more transparent

The traditional WAN is like a black box to users. The user cannot perceive whether the link is up or down and whether the link quality has deteriorated. Even if there is multi-link guarantee at the network layer, the business interruption caused by the failure of the transmission link of the carrier cannot be avoided.

The AD-WAN solution deployed by H3C can sense the delay, jitter, and packet loss of the underlay network in real time. Users can quickly query WAN link problems, monitor the quality of the underlay links and ensure the stability of network.

Intelligent traffic steering - make full use of bandwidth

The line cost of WAN is very high. In order to make full use of bandwidth resources, H3C's AD-WAN solution, pools link resources and provides distributed traffic steering. According to the different requirements for network of different applications, CPE devices can automatically select the qualified link for business, so that important service quality can be guaranteed. In addition, it can effectively use all available network resources, greatly improve bandwidth utilization. And the AD-WAN solution supports hybrid network, internet can be used to ease the demand for leased lines, which can reduce the line cost, and help users protect investment.

In this new era of digital and cloud, wide area network requires service-level reliability to meet the development needs of new services. H3C, as the leader in digital solutions, has continually invested in and been developing the field of SDN for many years, providing mature SDN solutions for all industries, helping customers realized the reconstruction and transformation of a new generation of WAN.

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