10-Security Configuration Guide

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24-Object group configuration
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Configuring object groups

About object groups

An object group is a group of objects that can be used by an ACL to identify packets. An IPv4 address object group contains a group of IPv4 address objects used to match the IPv4 address in a packet.

Configuring an IPv4 address object group




1.     Enter system view.



2.     Create an IPv4 address object group and enter its view.

object-group ip address object-group-name

The system has one default IPv4 address object group named any.

3.     (Optional.) Configure a description for the IPv4 address object group.

description text

By default, an object group does not have a description.

4.     Configure an IPv4 address object.

[ object-id ] network { host { address ip-address | name host-name [ vpn-instance vpn-instance-name ] } | subnet ip-address { mask-length | mask } }



Display and maintenance commands for object groups

Execute display commands in any view.




Display information about object groups.

display object-group [ ip address [ default ] [ name object-group-name ] | name object-group-name ]