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04-Port isolation configuration
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Configuring port isolation

About port isolation

The port isolation feature isolates Layer 2 traffic for data privacy and security without using VLANs.

Ports in an isolation group cannot communicate with each other. However, they can communicate with ports outside the isolation group.

Assigning a port to the isolation group

About this task

The device supports only one isolation group that is automatically created as isolation group 1. You cannot remove the isolation group or create other isolation groups on the device. The number of ports assigned to the isolation group is not limited.

Restrictions and guidelines

·     The configuration in Layer 2 Ethernet interface view applies only to the interface.

·     The configuration in Layer 2 aggregate interface view applies to the Layer 2 aggregate interface and its aggregation member ports. If the device fails to apply the configuration to the aggregate interface, it does not assign any aggregation member port to the isolation group. If the failure occurs on an aggregation member port, the device skips the port and continues to assign other aggregation member ports to the isolation group.


1.     Enter system view.


2.     Enter interface view.

¡     Enter Layer 2 Ethernet interface view.

interface interface-type interface-number

¡     Enter Layer 2 aggregate interface view.

interface bridge-aggregation interface-number

3.     Assign the port to the isolation group.

port-isolate enable

By default, the port is not in the isolation group.

Display and maintenance commands for port isolation

Execute display commands in any view.




Display port isolation group information.

display port-isolate group