H3C SecPath F100-C-A1 & F100-C-A2

H3C SecPath F100-C-A1 and F100-C-A2 firewalls are next-generation high-performance firewalls for small- and medium-size enterprises, campus network egress, and WAN branches to embrace the Web 2.0 era and follow the technology trend of deep security and network integration.

H3C SecPath F100-C-A1 and F100-C-A2 firewalls support multi-dimensional integrated security protection, which can perform integrated security access control of IPS, AV, DLP and other traffic from multiple dimensions such as user, application, time, and quintuple.

F100-C-A1 and F100-C-A2 support multiple VPN services, such as L2TP VPN, GRE VPN, IPsec VPN, and SSL VPN. They can cooperate with intelligent endpoints to provide mobile office service, and provide rich routing capabilities, support RIP, OSPF, BGP, routing strategies, and policy routing based on applications and URLs. The firewalls also support IPv4/IPv6 security protection.

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