SD-WAN + IPv6 Preferred Solution Award for China Cinda Asset Project

Recently, the computing network convergence team of China Academy of Information and Communication Technology and the CCSA TC621 jointly announced the winners of the SD-WAN Excellence Award 2021. China Cinda Asset Management Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as "Cinda Asset") and the H3C Group of Unigroup cooperated in the network system transformation and upgrading project, which stood out among many projects with advanced technological innovations and excellent user experience, and won the "SD-WAN+IPv6 Preferred Solution Award". H3C AD-WAN solution realizes the digital operation of the entire network for Cinda Assets, and builds a new benchmark for network innovation in the financial industry.

Founded in 1994, Cinda Asset is the first financial asset management company approved by the State Council and the first Chinese financial asset management company to enter the international capital market. As of the end of 2021, the total assets of Cinda Asset had reached RMB 1,564,279,000,000, making it a leader in China's financial industry. With the popularization and wider application of financial technology, as a financial institution with business all over the country, Cinda Assets urgently needs to upgrade and reconstruct the network infrastructure in the process of digital transformation, so as to underpin the innovation and deployment of financial technologies.

To make breakthroughs on the bottlenecks of traditional networks in terms of efficiency, deployment, configuration, and management, Cinda Assets cooperated with H3C Group and adopted the H3C AD-WAN solution with end-to-end SRv6 capabilities to upgrade and rebuild its network. The solution achieves easy scalability, programmability, minute-level service deployment, comprehensive service visibility and traffic automated regulation, meeting the needs of Cinda Assets for network visibility, intelligence and simplicity, and allowing the enterprise network to make the leap to "cloud adaptability and cloud network convergence".

Easy expansion and programmability:

The SRv6 technology provides the network with excellent compatibility, transition and evolution capabilities to meet network innovation trends and protect transformation investments.

Minute-level service deployment:

It simplifies the traditional WAN cumbersome configuration process, and reduces the configuration workload by 65%. It also realizes automated site network provisioning and service launch, and reduces the site configuration workload by 70%.

Comprehensive service visibility:

It can view network operation in real time, quickly perform fault identification and troubleshoot, control, and monitor all line failures. Link failures can be quickly pinpointed, reducing the average 4-hour troubleshooting time to 10 minutes.

Traffic automated regulation:

The intelligent technologies can achieve fine scheduling and regulation of traffic, automatically calculate and select the link with the best reliability and health based on user services, balance traffic distribution, and improve link utilization by 50-70%.

As digital transformation deepens comprehensively, the network will accelerate its evolution towards cloudification and intelligence. As a leader in digital solutions, H3C Group will uphold the concept of "application-driven network" under the strategy of "Smart and Native Cloud", helping users build a full-scenario full-domain and full-life cycle intelligent WAN through AD-WAN solutions, to promote the iterative innovation of intelligent connectivity, to push the intelligent WAN to finance, energy, logistics, enterprise, transportation, retail and other major industries, and to help enterprises realize digital transformation.