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14-GRE commands
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GRE commands


Use keepalive to enable GRE keepalive and set the keepalive interval and the keepalive number.

Use undo keepalive to disable GRE keepalive.


keepalive [ interval [ times ] ]

undo keepalive


GRE keepalive is disabled.


Tunnel interface view

Predefined user roles



interval: Specifies the keepalive interval, in the range of 1 to 32767 seconds. The default value is 10.

times: Specifies the keepalive number, in the range of 1 to 255. The default value is 3.

Usage guidelines

This command enables the tunnel interface to send keepalive packets at the specified interval. If the device receives no response from the peer within the timeout time, it shuts down the local tunnel interface. The device brings the local tunnel interface up if it receives a keepalive acknowledgment packet from the peer. The timeout time is the result of multiplying the keepalive interval by the keepalive number.

The device always acknowledges the keepalive packets it receives whether or not GRE keepalive is enabled.


# Enable GRE keepalive, set the keepalive interval to 20 seconds, and set the keepalive number to 5.

<Sysname> system-view

[Sysname] interface tunnel 2 mode gre

[Sysname-Tunnel2] keepalive 20 5