H3C Certified Senior Engineer for Routing & Switching Plus (H3CSE-RS+)

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H3C Certified Senior Engineer for Routing & Switching Plus (H3CSE-RS+) certificate demonstrates mastery of the full range of theoretical knowledge and operational skills required to deploy campus networks, including routing, switching, multicast, VPN, QoS, and basic security features, and competence in the construction and management of large- and medium-sized complex networks.

H3CSE-RS+ target participants:

  • Engineers and IT managers engaged in networking in all industries
  • College students majoring in computer technology
  • Network enthusiasts who want to fully understand and master general networking technologies
  • Persons interested in technical and sales roles in the communications industry
  • H3C agents’ engineers
  • H3C certification trainers
  • H3C network product O&M personnel

The following are eligible for H3CSE-RS+ Certification:

  • Networking engineers and IT managers in all industries
  • High school and college students majoring in computing
  • Networking enthusiasts who would like to understand the basics of networking technology
  • Technical and sales persons interested in pursuing careers in telecommunications sales
  • Engineers working for H3C’s agents
  • H3C certification trainers
  • H3C staff working on maintenance and operation of networking products
How to obtain the
H3CSE-RS+ certification?
Application process
Review certification requirements
Applicants for the H3CSE-RS+ Certificate are required to hold a valid H3CNE-RS+ Certificate.
Complete recommended training
The H3CSE-RS+ certification training includes three courses, which we recommended studying in the following order:
  • Advanced Routing & Switching Technology 1
    This course covers the major technologies currently used for building high-performance campus networks. Through this course, candidates will learn the main requirements and common technologies used in high-performance campus networks, and master design and construction of high-speed, reliable, secure campus networks using these technologies.
  • Advanced Routing & Switching Technology 2
    This course covers the mainstream routing technologies currently used in construction of large-scale networks. Through this course, candidates will learn the application of routing technologies in large-scale networks and master the design and construction of large-scale networks using various routing protocols and technologies.
  • Constructing Secure Optimized WANs
    This course covers the major technologies for building secure, optimized WANs. Through this course, candidates will learn the application of various technologies in secure, optimized WANs, master the technical theories underlying broadband access, VPNs, enhanced security, QoS, VXLAN, and EVPN, and learn to flexibly apply these technologies in the design and construction of secure, optimized WANs.
Learn exam requirements
  • You will be awarded the certificate for passing the following exams:
    GB0-372 Advanced Routing & Switching Technology 1
    GB0-382 Advanced Routing & Switching Technology 2
    GB0-392 Constructing Secure Optimized WANs
Register for exam

All the exam for the H3CSE-RS+ certification is arranged by H3C, please contact H3CL (certification@h3c.com) or H3C local offices for more information.

If you need to take a practice test before the official test, you can do a self-assessment in the bellow.

H3CSE-RS+ GB0-372 mock examination

H3CSE-RS+ GB0-382 mock examination

H3CSE-RS+ GB0-392 mock examination

Validity and recertification
Candidates with valid H3CNE-RS+ certificates who have passed the three exams required for H3CSE-RS+ certification will receive a H3CSE-RS+ Certificate issued by the H3C, valid for 3 years. Upon expiry, candidates must retake the H3CSE-RS+ certification exams.
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