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H3C Certified Network Engineer for Server (H3CNE-Server) certification takes H3C UniServer G3 series rack-mounted server as the main subject and introduces in detail the main components and roles of the server, as well as the characteristics of G3 series rack-mounted server specifications, configuration methods and management tools. The H3CNE-Server certification proves that you have a general knowledge and skills required to configure and manage H3C G3 series rack-mounted servers.

H3CNE-Server certification target participants:

  • Engineers and IT management personnel in H3C server management of all industries
  • College students majored in Computer Science
  • Enthusiasts that wish to have a comprehensive understanding of the H3C server technologies
  • Those who want to be technicians or salespeople in the ICT industry
  • Agent technicians of H3C
  • H3C certified lecturers
How to obtain
the H3CNE-Server certification?
Application process
Review certification prerequisites
Possessing fundamental computer knowledge.
Complete recommended training
Training programs recommended for H3CNE-Server certification are:
Learn exam requirements
  • You will be awarded the certificate for passing the following exam: GB0-601 Configuring and managing H3C rack-mounted servers V1.0
Register for exam
The exam for the H3CNE-Server certification is arranged by H3C, please contact local H3C Office for details of exam venues and en-rollment procedures.
Validity and recertification

Candidates who pass the GB0-601 exam will be awarded a unified H3CNE-Server certificate issued by H3C, valid for three years. Upon expiry, candidates must re-enroll for a H3CNE-Server certification exam.