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44-port 1000BASE-X-SFP + 4-port 10GBASE-R-SFP+ optical Ethernet interface card—LSQM2GP44TSSC0

1  Card identifier

The card identifier LSQM2GP44TSSC0 is in the upper right corner of the front panel.

2  Specifications

Table 1 Card specifications



Card size (H × W × D)

40 × 399 × 355 mm (1.57 × 15.71 × 13.98 in)



Power consumption

31 W to 65 W


·         44 x 1000BASE-X-SFP fiber ports

·         4 x 10GBASE-R-SFP+ fiber ports

Port rate

·         1000 Mbps

·         10 Gbps




·      To verify the compatibility of the card with the software release you are using, see the release notes.

·      For information about transceiver modules and cables available for the card, see the cards and transceiver modules compatibility matrixes for the device.


3  Related documentation

For module installation, see the installation guide for the device.

For software upgrade, see the release notes for the device.


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