H3C S12508X-AF LSXM1SFK08F1 Card Manual-5PW101

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LSXM1SFK08F1 switching fabric module

1  Identifier

The module identifier LSXM1SFK08F1 is in the upper right corner of the front panel.

2  Specifications

Table 1 Module specifications




Intel processor (Quad-Core) @ 2.2 GHz



Power consumption

160 W to 284 W

Compatible device models


Compatible interface modules

Type K interface modules




·     Before you install the module on the switch, see the release notes to verify compatibility of the module with the software release you are using.

·     Remove the protection box from the module before you install the module.

·     You must install the modules before you install the fan trays, and remove the fan trays before you remove the modules.

·     Follow these instructions to use the ejector levers on the module:

¡     Before you install the module, release the ejector levers by pressing the spring clips.

¡     After the module is fully seated into slot, press the ejector levers inward until the spring clips lock it in place.

¡     Before you remove the module, release the ejector levers by pressing the spring clips.

·     This module can be used only with Type K interface modules, which have a character of K in their module identifiers (LSXM1CGQ48KB1 for example). This module cannot operate correctly if it is used with an interface module that is not Type K.

·     Only switching fabric modules of the same model can be installed on the same switch.


3  Related documentation

For module installation, see H3C S12500X-AF Switch Series Installation Guide.

For software upgrade, see the release notes for the device.



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