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LSXM2SUPT1 service processing engine

1  Card identifier

The card identifier LSXM2SUPT1 is at the upper right corner of the front panel.

2  Specifications

Table 1 Card specifications




Intel Processor (Quad Core) @ 2.4 GHz


16GB DDR3 SDRAM (two DIMM slots)


4 GB (NAND flash)


512 KB

Power consumption

28 W to 34 W.


·     RJ-45

·     LC

·     USB (Type A)


·     1 × console port

·     1 × SFP port for management and upgrade

·     1 × 10/100/1000Base-T port for management and upgrade

·     1 × USB port (USB 2.0, Host port)

Transmission rate

·     Console port: 9600 bps (default) to 115200 bps

·     SFP port: 1000 Mbps

·     10/100/1000Base-T port: 10/100/1000 Mbps

Transmission medium and max transmission distance

·     Console port: 15 m (49.21 ft) over asynchronous serial cable

·     SFP port: see Table 2

·     10/100/1000Base-T port: 100 m (328.08 ft) over category-5 UTP

Compatible device models





·     To verify compatibility of the card with the software release you are using, see the release notes.

·     The USB port outputs power as prescribed by USB 2.0. You can only install a USB 2.0-compliant device to the USB port.

·     Set the same speed and duplex mode for a management Ethernet interface and its peer port.

·     If you connect the two management ports to the same remote switch, you must assign their peer ports to different VLANs on the remote switch. Login or file transfer will fail if the peer ports are in the same VLAN.

·     To transfer files from the BootWare menu through TFTP or FTP, you can use only the 10/100/1000BASE-T management port M0/0/0. This port is marked with a number of 0 on the card panel.


Table 2 Gigabit SFP module specifications

Gigabit SFP module

Central wavelength


Cable specifications

Max transmission distance


850 nm


50/125 µm multi-mode optical fiber

550 m (1804.46 ft)

850 nm


62.5/125 µm multi-mode optical fiber

275 m (902.23 ft)


1310 nm


9/125 µm single-mode optical fiber

10 km (6.21 miles)


3  Obtaining documentation

For module installation, see H3C S12500X-AF Switch Series Installation Guide.

For software upgrade, see the release notes for the device.



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