H3C S12516R LSXM1SFK16GR1 Card Module-APW100

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LSXM1SFK16GR1 fabric module

1  Identifier

The module identifier LSXM1SFK16GR1 is in the upper right corner of the front panel.

2  Specifications



This module can be used only with Type K interface modules, which have a character of K in their module identifiers (for example, LSXM1CGQ48KBR1). Module damage will occur if this module is used with an interface module that is not Type K.




When the device is operating, you can verify the identifiers of interface modules by viewing the front panels or by executing the display device command.


Table 1 Module specifications




Intel processor (Quad-Core) @ 2.2 GHz



Power consumption

471 W to 822 W

Compatible device models

·         S12516R switch router

·         S12516CR switch router

Compatible interface modules

Type K interface modules




·      Before using the module on the device, see the release notes for the software running on the device to verify compatibility of the module with the software release.

·      Before you install the module, remove the protection box from it.

·      The fabric module slots are covered by fan trays. You must install the fabric modules before installing the fan trays. To remove a fabric module, first remove the fan tray that covers it.

·      Follow these instructions to use the ejector levers on the module:

¡  Before installing the module, press the buttons on the ejector levers to release them.

¡  After the module is fully seated into slot, close the ejector levers.

¡  Before removing the module, press the button on the ejector levers to release them and then open the ejector levers.

·      Before installing the module, make sure the air baffle is closed. After you remove the module, be sure to close the air baffle.

·      The fabric modules installed on the device must be the same model.


3  Related documentation

For module installation, see H3C S12500R Switch Router Series Installation Guide or H3C S12500CR Switch Router Series Installation Guide.

For software upgrade, see the release notes for the device.



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