Enterprise Product Limited Warranties

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Updated 2020 07 12

Warranty information in the following reflects general warranty offerings. In specific countries and regions, the warranty service and service SLA may be different with local adjustment, if there any conflict with local terms and conditions, the local terms and conditions shall prevail, consult your local service sales representatives for more details.

Table-1 The Summary of Enterprise products standard warranties

Product Category

Warranty Type

Warranty Period

90 Days

1 Year

3 Years

5 Years

Enterprise Networking



SOHO Switches


5000 Series)

H3Care CT Foundation Basic 9X5 NBD-Ship Service


(SR6600/MSR5600/MSR3600/MSR2600/MSR830/MSR810 Series)


(WX58/38/18, IoT Series)


(S12500X/S9820/9850/6850/6890/6861/6860/6800 Series;

S10500X/S7500X/7500E/S6520 Series)




(F5000/F1000 Series)




IMC/Director/ Controller



Could(CloudOS/CAS/OneStor/ UIS related software )



Server Product

Rack Servers (R4900/4700 G3)

H3Care IT Foundation

NBD Onsite Service

UIS Cell (Hardware)



UIS Cell 3000

Table 2. The Summary of Enterprise products with Limited lifetime Warranty support:

HARDWARE LIMITED LIFETIME WARRANTY support original customer continues to own or use the product in the product life cycle. The limited lifetime warranty support will be terminated from the End of Service (EOS) date of the product.

Subject to applicable Law,H3C provides a maximum of 5 year hardware limited lifetime warranty for pointed WLAN AP products and box switch products. Please refer to model list and corresponding Service Level as following:

Product Category

Warranty Type

Warranty Period

Networking Product


WA5xxx/WA6xxx series

Limited Lifetime Warranty

Basic 9x5

10BD-Ship service


Campus Switches & SMB Switches

5560X/5560S/5130S/5120V2/3100V3 Series

*Within Limited Lifetime Warranty Support period, Business Hour Remote Support is provided remotely by H3C Technical Support Center during local business hours (9:00a.m. - 6:00p.m.) via both service hotline and email . Warranty Parts shipment support is provided within 10 business day after RMA request confirmed by H3C.

Product accessories, such as, but not limited to, hot-swappable fans and power supply units, optical modules, extensive modules etc. keep twelve (12) monthswarranty period


1. The warranty does not apply to any non-H3C products (third party hardware or software), consumables and accessories.

2. The warranty starts on the 90th day after the date of the product shipment from H3C, or the date on which H3C receives a service request for this product, whichever is earlier.

3. The warranty type of a product may vary in different countries, please consult your local service sales representatives for more information.

In addition to factory warranty, users can also purchase other options of H3Care foundation services.For detail service information, please refer to H3Care Foundation Service.

4. H3C has set up local logistics hub in Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia, and Thailand to provide local spare parts support and keep extending logistics support capability in more countries.

5. The inquiry for the support in other countries or the Belt and the Road project please contact H3C telephone: +86-571-86763000 or email: h3cts@h3c.com.

*The policy in this file is applied for specified countries which include, Indonesia, Japan, Kazakhstan, Malaysia, Pakistan, Russia and Thailand. The policy is applied for H3C product shipment after this policy’s effective date.

The information contained herein is subject to change without notice.

The policy is effective on Aug 1st 2020 and replace the Enterprise Product Limited Warranties file released before.