Building Deep Collaborations with Partners, H3C Attends the IT-OS 2020 Online Forum in Russia

Building Deep Collaborations with Partners, H3C Attends the IT-OS 2020 Online Forum in Russia

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[Moscow, Russia, November 26, 2020] On November 19, H3C was invited to the IT-OS 2020 Online Forum held by OCS Distribution, one of the Top 2 IT distributors in Russia and H3C’s AD (Authorized Distributor). At the global technological forum, H3C unveils its flagship products and solutions while sharing its leading industrial experience with success stories for the Russian market.

The IT-OS 2020 Online Forum, an annual event for key dealers and high-tech customers, is the third forum of innovations and information for IT companies since launched in 2018. This year’s online event, themed at “UPGRADE”, has attracted over 2,000 participants including vendors, developers, customers from various industries and invited experts interested in digital transformation from across Russia and other countries.

Unprecedented as it is, 2020 has presented people the paradigm of a “new normal” in which work, communication, and our life have changed drastically. Today, people are living in an age that is dominated by technology. People from all over the world are connected to each other in one way or another. Businesses, be it small or large, must understand that in order to meet the modern demands of consumers, they have to begin digitalizing their business operations. Now the task for businesses is to learn how to find answers to the challenges at hand and to recognize the new technological opportunities. If succeeding, the current upgrade to digital will allow any business to build the absolute new strength.

H3C Russia team shared its key products and solutions at the IT-OS 2020 Online Forum

At this event, H3C introduced its flagship products of switches, WLAN, routers and servers, as well as key solutions including H3C CAS (Cloud Automation System) Virtualization Platform and Application-Driven Campus (AD-Campus) Solution through virtual exhibitions with demonstration labs. The virtual demo labs have transformed the high-quality communication formats and created immersive experience, which therefore brought the participants highly-interactive live communications and connections. The live broadcasts from the demo lab by H3C has received good feedback from many customers and partners.

H3C CAS (Cloud Automation System) Virtualization Platform demo show at the IT-OS 2020 Online Forum

Since 2019 when entering into Russia, H3C, the leader in digital solutions, has made much progress across various industries in the local market. H3C has been assisting the Russian energy sector to digitize its operations and maintenance of oil, natural gas and power. At the same time, H3C has implemented subway wireless coverage and intelligent and smart airport solutions to help improve Russia’s long-term transportation planning. While in the finance sector, high-performance H3C servers and highly-reliable H3C CAS Virtualization Platform could deliver safer and more efficient use of data and provide end-to-end visualized operation and maintenance for the customers.

“It’s been very glad to be invited to the IT-OS 2020 Online Forum by OCS Distribution. OCS is a very professional and experienced distributor which has been operating on the Russian IT market for more than 20 years,” said Yan Kuo, Country General Manager of H3C Russia.

“So far, H3C has reached collaborations with a dozen of partners in Russian market. We will continue to expand the partner ecosystem and empower high-value partners by adhering to the ‘Partner First’ strategy. While deepening collaborations with many partners including OCS Distribution, H3C will take full advantage of its digital infrastructure ability in compute, storage, networking, and security to help drive Russia’s digital transformation across its diverse industries,” said Yan.