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Register Partnership User ID

If your company is new to H3C,start by registering for an H3C Partnership User ID and completing the partnership application. This will grant you access to the necessary websites, tools, and resources for H3C authorized partners. All contents must be filled in English, otherwise registration cannot be successfully completed.

All the fields marked with “*” are required to fill in.

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  • This email address will be assigned as the admin of partnership user ID.
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  • Important:Please confirm that you have been authorized by your company to complete the registration process. Your company shall take full responsibility for all your actions and consequences in the registration process and those arising from using the partner's account. You and your company guarantee the authenticity, validity and effectiveness of the information provided in the process of applying for partners certification and using the partner's account.

    1. I hereby confirm that I have been duly authorized by my company to complete the registration process and sign the relevant agreements.
      I agree to the use of my personal information according to the H3C Privacy Statement.