H3C’s Wireless Network Solutions Earn Prestigious Global Recognition


H3C announces that the global authority research institution Forrester officially released the report “The Forrester Wave™: IoT-Ready Wireless Solutions, Q2 2024”. The report comprehensively evaluated the main network solution providers from three dimensions: technical strategic layout, product capabilities, and market share. H3C ranked in the “Strong Performers” of the report. We believe this is a high recognition of H3C’s global market technical competitiveness and product innovation, which also reflects the strong technical capabilities in the enterprise wireless network field, full-stack product capabilities, excellent service system, and complete ecological of H3C.

“The Forrester Wave™: IoT-Ready Wireless Solutions, Q2 2024” report is an authoritative presentation by Forrester after in-depth analysis of the evolution of wireless IoT integration technology and application trends, which will help users to deeply understand the scale and market positioning of wireless network vendors, technical capabilities, and product value, and is an important reference for global customers to choose professional products and services.

Forrester believes that H3C leads the way in wireless offerings and has notable strengths in third-party radio options and customer experience. H3C’s products are compatible with an extensive range of wireless protocols, including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Zigbee, and LoRa. They enable seamless device management and information sharing via advanced smart management platforms, which is very suitable for complex deployment environments such as medical and manufacturing. It is worth mentioning that in this evaluation, H3C scored a full score of 5.0 in 7 evaluation criteria, including radio types, vertical--specific solutions, third-party radio options, wireless management types, configuration management, customer experience, and innovation.

H3C: Continuous product technology innovation to create a multidimensional “smart and fast” experience

Currently, with the promotion of high-speed wireless protocols such as 5G, Wi-Fi 6/7, the integration of IoT scenarios and wireless technology is accelerating and gradually becoming a mainstream trend. At the same time, the evolution of Wi-Fi protocols has greatly increased the speed dimension, and wireless networks are being fully applied in various scenarios such as enterprise office, smart education, smart manufacturing, and smart healthcare. Based on the business needs and network standards of different scenarios, how to effectively improve network quality and user experience is a common goal of the industry. This poses higher requirements for the adaptability of wireless devices in different scenarios, support for multiple communication standards, intelligent management and visualization, and integration of advanced security capabilities.

H3C has led the enterprise wireless market for fifteen consecutive years, with outstanding technical strength and comprehensive product portfolio. While quickly following the latest Wi-Fi standards, it also creates a multi-dimensional “smart and fast” experience through continuous product technology innovation.

- In terms of product innovation, based on years of industry practice and technical accumulation, H3C provides full-scenario enterprise wireless network solutions, including high-performance access APs, wireless controllers, IoT platforms and gateways, 5G mobile communication, and network intelligent management platforms. It has also repeatedly led the industry in releasing smart native Wi-Fi products and continuously promoted the commercial landing of Wi-Fi 7 in various industries. At the same time, H3C’s wireless products have rich scalability, which can expand hardware and applications on-demand through Ethernet ports, USB, PCIE, perfectly adapting to the differentiated wireless access needs of different application scenarios such as enterprises, schools, hospitals, subways, airports, stadiums, and factories, effectively improving network capacity and connection stability.

- In terms of experience optimization, H3C believes that focusing on intelligent operation and maintenance is the key to improving user network experience. While innovating AP computing power and communication capabilities, precise coordination at the operation and maintenance management level is also needed to present customers with a simple and clear visual network. To this end, H3C has pioneered the wireless “4i” technology system, introducing intelligent RF management (iRadio), intelligent terminal management (iStation), intelligent network healing (iHeal), and intelligent business assurance (iEdge) technologies in wireless products, realizing multi-dimensional progressive optimization of wireless networks to ensure smooth user network experience when using critical services. The 4i technology can effectively improve the automation level of enterprise wireless networks, reduce the technical threshold and workload required for network operation and maintenance optimization, and save operation and maintenance manpower and costs.

Looking ahead, the critical role of wireless networks in smart campuses and similar scenarios is expected to grow exponentially. Ensuring network quality and moving wireless networks from usability to ultimate performance is the goal pursues by H3C. In the future, H3C will continue to embrace the concept of “Dedication, For A Smarter Future”, actively explore the deep integration of wireless technology and industry applications, provide the fastest access speed and the most intelligent operation and maintenance experience for all industries, and create efficient intelligent campus networks.