Export Control Compliance Statement


H3C, as a digital solutions industry leader, is committed to becoming the most trusted partner of its customers in their quest for business innovation and digital transformation. We are aiming to drive the development of the digital economy, and together with customers and partners, to create a better life for all to enjoy. We adhere to laws& regulations and follow market principles when conducting business, in line with the expectations and best interests of the government, community, shareholders, employees, and other stakeholders where we operates.

Export compliance is a legal obligation around the world. It helps us maintain positive interactions with the government, build their trust, and keep a good citizenship. Export compliance also promotes a trustworthy and responsible brand, builds the trust of partners and customers, and improves the company’s capacity.

Therefore, it is H3C’s policy to comply with relevant export control laws and regulations, including but not limited to China and United States. We have designed and implemented policies and procedures, including

We build an independent trade compliance function to design, implement and monitor an export control program covering the whole product life cycle from research and development, production, sales to after-sales. The trade compliance function have the authority to review transactions and decline ones with potential violation or export risks.

We continuously improve export manage program to classify product and service, perform necessary due diligence on all parties involved in a transaction. We have also digitized the export control screening process and remains vigilant in business operation to prevent diversion to destination, end user and end use that do not comply with legal requirements.

We communicate our commitment to every employee. We provides both all employees export control training and job-specific export control courses. We adhere to an open and transparent export compliance program. We provide employees with hotlines, emails, web pages, and other ways to raise their concerns. We promise to take seriously every concern received and prohibit retaliation against employees who raise concerns.

We regularly review and audit the export control program. We discipline any employee who violates the company’s export control policies and procedures. Based on audit results, we make continuous improvement on our export control compliance program to fulfill our commitment on export control compliance at all times.

This statement applies to all subsidiaries and divisions of H3C.