H3C Maintains Leadership in China’s Data Center Switch Market, According to IDC Report


According to the “China Ethernet Switch Market Quarterly Tracking Report (2023Q2)” recently released by International Data Corporation (IDC), H3C solidified its position as the No.1 vendor in China’s data center switch (100G/200G/400G products) market for the first half of 2023 with a market share of 36.7%. This achievement aptly illustrates H3C’s deep technical expertise and market acceptance in the field of high-speed network construction.

The vigorous growth of large-scale AI models and the underlying technological innovations related to them are garnering more and more attention. Large-scale AI models need to be deployed in AI computing clusters to achieve acceleration in training and inference, and there is an unprecedented integration happening in computing, networking, and storage. Traditional computing clusters might encounter packet loss and latency during data transmission, inevitably leading to efficiency loss in the process of releasing computing power. Thus, enhancing the communication bandwidth between nodes in the cluster and achieving efficient lossless data transmission is the optimal solution to ensure overall computational efficiency. To meet the construction needs of intelligent computing networks in the AI era, data center switches must evolve and improve, further enhancing network transmission speed and ensuring network efficiency and stability.

H3C has consistently maintained a leading advantage in the development of high-speed data center switch products. Based on technological trends and user needs, it persistently evolves and iterates, introducing a comprehensive 200G/400G data center solution that has been widely applied to numerous leading Internet customers in China. Simultaneously, H3C has taken the lead in deploying basic technology research, such as the CPO silicon photonics engine, multi-level non-blocking technology, and cold plate liquid cooling technology, and was the first to implement these technologies in practical applications. They have launched a brand-new generation of data center switches, including the world’s first single-chip 51.2T CPO silicon photonic switch, standard switch, DDC switch (distributed decentralized chassis), and intelligent AI switch. These data center switch series support a full range of 800G Ethernet interfaces and intelligent lossless technologies, and accelerate the green transformation of data centers through innovative cooling technology. Notably, the next-generation ultra-wide data center network, built on 800G CPO silicon photonics engine technology, can improve the transmission efficiency of computing systems, ensure zero packet loss and low latency in data transmission, and meet the ultimate computing requirements in intelligent computing scenarios.

As the connecting foundation of digital infrastructure, the network needs to deeply integrate with other infrastructures such as computing, storage, and even upper-level software and applications to support various industry scenario requirements and enhance the quality and efficiency of business operations. Amid the explosive growth of computing power, H3C will fully assist industry users in building a new generation of high-bandwidth, low-latency, and green energy-saving intelligent computing networks, quickly seize opportunities in large-scale models, and plunge into the new wave of AI. In the future, guided by the “Cloud & AI Native” strategy, H3C will adhere to the philosophy of “Dedication, For A Smarter Future”, and solidify the intelligent connection cornerstone for the high-quality development of the digital economy through continuous technological innovation, the provision of excellent products, and outstanding market service capabilities.