Wish List for Budget 2024: Accelerating Malaysia's Digital Transformation

By Rockies Ma, General Manager of H3C Malaysia


As the Malaysian country manager of H3C, I commend the government's efforts in advancing digitalisation through initiatives like the Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint (MDEB) and the significant contributions of the Malaysian Investment Development Authority (MIDA), the Malaysia Digital Economy Corporation (MDEC), and the Malaysia Centre for 4IR. While substantial progress has been made, there are areas where further improvement can drive Malaysia's digital transformation to new heights.

Therefore, I present the following wish list for Budget 2024 to enhance the nation's digitalisation initiatives:

  1. Integrated Digital Ecosystem: Foster a greater level of collaboration and synergy among key stakeholders, including MIDA, MDEC, and the Malaysia Centre for 4IR. An integrated approach will ensure that efforts are aligned, avoiding duplication of resources and creating a cohesive digital ecosystem that delivers optimal results.

  1. Inclusive Connectivity: Extend the reach of high-speed internet to rural and remote areas, bridging the digital divide. This inclusive approach will empower all citizens to access digital services, promoting equitable growth and development across the nation.

  1. Digital Skills Renaissance: Allocate resources to comprehensive upskilling and reskilling programs, designed in partnership with industry players. By addressing the evolving skill demands of the digital era, Malaysia can secure its workforce's relevance and competitiveness on a global scale.

  1. Data Protection Fortification: Strengthen data governance and privacy regulations to safeguard citizens' digital identities. Implementing stringent data protection laws will foster trust in digital transactions and stimulate greater adoption of digital services.

  1. Innovation Nurturing: Invest in research and innovation, leveraging collaborations between academic institutions, private companies, and research centers. By nurturing indigenous technological advancements, Malaysia can position itself as a hub for innovative solutions.

  1. Startup and SME Empowerment: Enhance support mechanisms for startups and SMEs, including grants, incubation programs, and streamlined access to funding. By fostering a thriving entrepreneurial ecosystem, Malaysia can drive innovation and competitiveness.

  1. Agile Regulatory Frameworks: Develop agile regulatory frameworks that can keep pace with rapidly evolving digital technologies. This adaptive approach will enable the timely integration of emerging technologies while ensuring compliance and accountability.

  1. Digital Inclusion Drive: Intensify efforts to bridge the digital divide by promoting digital literacy among marginalized communities. Community-based training initiatives will empower all citizens to participate in the digital economy.

  1. Investor Confidence Assurance: Uphold a transparent and investor-friendly environment to attract both foreign and domestic digital investments. Clarity in policies and regulations will boost investor confidence and stimulate further economic growth.

  1. Impact Assessment Mechanisms: Establish a robust system for monitoring and evaluating the impact of digitalization initiatives. By measuring progress through key performance indicators, the government can fine-tune strategies for maximum effectiveness.

In conclusion, while Malaysia has embarked on a transformative digital journey, the potential for growth and innovation remains vast. The forthcoming Budget 2024 provides a unique opportunity to build upon the foundation laid by the Malaysian Digital Economy Blueprint and the Malaysia Centre for 4IR. We believe the government can pave the way for a resilient, inclusive, and globally competitive digital economy that benefits all Malaysians. H3C stands ready to support these initiatives, leveraging our comprehensive offerings and full-stack capabilities to propel Malaysia's digital transformation forward. Together, we can shape a prosperous and digitally empowered future for the nation.