Application-driven campus network AD-Campus solution


Solution overview

Adopting a cloud native architecture, H3C AD-Campus solution provides unified management, control, and analytics across the network and convergence of campus, data center, and WAN. In cooperation with the analyzer, this solution brings intelligent operations and maintenance capabilities for the campus network through granular data collection and big data and AI analytics. With SDN+VXLAN and SDN+ VLAN technologies, this solution helps you build a resilient campus network, with policy-based automation consistency across the network as users move around. This practice greatly reduces operations complexity for campus networks, and addresses the clients’ requirements for campus networks in the era of intelligence, mobility, and IoT.

Technical benefits

Simplified convergence

End-to-end automation

AD-Campus solution offers end-to-end, network-wide automation capabilities for campus networks to address various automation deployment requirements such as new construction, renovation, expansion, and fault replacement.

Multifacet convergence

Adopting a cloud native architecture, the AD-Campus solution provides multifacet convergence to address the challenges of traditional campus networks.

Unified management across domains--AD-Campus solution supports unified management across campus, DC, and WAN scenarios and provides unified management, control, and analytics across the network.

Multi-campus convergence--AD-Campus solution enables automatic deployment, unified policy configuration, and global uniform policy enforcement across multiple campuses, simplifying Ops. In addition, it supports local authentication, local forwarding, and local autonomy to simplify communication between campuses and simplify Ops.

Multi-network convergence--AD-Campus solution provides unified management of wired, wireless, and optical networks, achieving unified resource deployment, unified topology, and unified authentication.

IP intelligent optical network--AD-Campus solution provides convergence of optical Ethernet, EPON, and GPON and supports backward compatibility and smooth network upgrade.

Intelligent IoT

As IoT endpoints on campus networks grow exponentially in type and number, AD-Campus uses the intelligent IoT solution to enable fast and safe onboarding of IoT endpoints. When IoT endpoints start up, the intelligent IoT solution immediately identifies and onboards them and then automatically places them into isolated channels. In addition, this solution provides a flexible authentication policy. It can perform precise MAC-based authentication for endpoints with known MAC addresses and also allows fast onboarding of endpoints with unknown MAC addresses by using the authentication-free scheme.


With UniformUX, resources such as IP address, security, and isolated channel and policies such as network and security policies are adaptive to user mobility, helping you build a resilient campus network.


Employing SeerAnalyzer in combination with telemetry technologies, AD-Campus brings visibility into the network status in real time. Assisted with big data analysis and AI learning algorithms, AD-Campus provides trend prediction and fast fault location, which greatly improves Ops efficiency and enables network administrators to focus more on services rather than complicated Ops workload.

Core products


AD-Campus solution uses cutting-edge technologies such as holographic network data perception, automated deployment in all scenarios, unified endpoint and network control, and AI big data analysis to build a high-speed, intelligent campus network for enterprises. Innovations provided by the solution in campus service deployment, endpoint management, data visualization, and intelligent Ops reduces Ops complexity, addresses the new demands for campus networks, and creates new value for users.