H3C Registers Impressive Performance in China’s Storage Market for 15 Consecutive Quarters: IDC Report

H3C Registers Impressive Performance in China’s Storage Market for 15 Consecutive Quarters: IDC Report

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H3C’s storage market revenue rose 54.1 percent year on year during the second quarter of 2021, according to a recent report released by the International Data Corporation (IDC). This is the 15th consecutive quarter that H3C has ranked second in China’s enterprise-level external storage market share.

During the first half of 2021, H3C registered a 47.2-percent year-on-year increase in its revenue in the enterprise external storage market, much higher than the market’s average of 33.5 percent, providing strong driving force for the development of China’s storage market.

Driven by the vibrant growth of digital economy in China, the enterprise-level external storage market expanded 33.2 percent and ranked first in the Asia-Pacific region from April to June this year, according to IDC data.

Grasping the opportunities of the market, H3C has continuously led innovation in the field and promoted the in-depth integration of leading technologies and enterprise storage systems. By rolling out brand new smart central data platform, H3C has effectively enhanced its competitiveness.

H3C has also rolled out the X10000 all-flash storage system, taking the lead in China in combining NVMe and SCM in software-defined storage (SDS). The product, which has effectively broken the performance bottleneck of the traditional protocol and given full play to the potential of all-flash storage, can be applied to high-performance computing, gene sequencing, AI, 8K ultra-high-definition, and other scenarios demanding high storage performance.

In face of the new landscape of enterprise storage development against the backdrop of digital transformation, H3C will continue promoting the implementation of its Cloud & AI Native strategy and provide customers with new storage products and intelligent data services to fully satisfy their demand for responsive and high-performance storage products. By accelerating the release of the value of massive data, H3C will further empower business innovation in various industries.