H3C Won the Bid for Tsinghua University’s CENI Backbone Network Construction Project (Phase I)

H3C Won the Bid for Tsinghua University’s CENI Backbone Network Construction Project (Phase I)

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H3C recently won the bid of the core router and access router procurement project in full share for the construction of China Environment for Network Innovations (CENI), which is a major national science and technology infrastructure project constructed and operated by Tsinghua University in collaboration with other 39 universities. With the deployment of H3C’s core routers (CR), the network will launch industry-leading functions and services including SRv6 (Segment Routing over IPv6 dataplane), thus harnessing core technologies to further promote the innovative development of national future networks.

As a major national science and technology infrastructure project in the field of Information and Communications Technology (ICT), CENI aims to build advanced, open, flexible, international and sustainable large-scale general network experiment infrastructure. CENI is an important part of the national future network experiment infrastructure, and an incubation platform for scientific research innovation in the future network field, which therefore has set industry-leading requirements for the construction project. While at the same time, CENI backbone network is also the third national backbone network following China Education and Research Network (CERNET) and CERNET2.

Relying on the innovation capability in digital solutions and the technological excellence in core router testing, H3C stands out among other tenders in the fierce competition. The bid winning fully demonstrates that H3C’s CR series routers have super forwarding performance and significant advantages in cutting-edge SRv6, SAVA (Address Validation Architecture) and supporting scientific research innovation capability.

* Based on the SRv6 SDN (Software-Defined Networking) solution, the network features many functions, such as the integration of management, control and analysis, fault simulation and diversified drainage mechanism, therefore providing more precise and intelligent scheduling and O&M for the future education networks.

* The core routers can build an end-to-end trusted network to fully support the scientific research innovation of future networks.

* Based on the CR series routers which can support an deeply programmable network, the network features the capability to incubate innovative protocols for the future, while the CR series routers also support a variety of IPv6 features enabled by the excellent forwarding capability with 100G ports.

In addition, H3C will fully leverage technologies and resources to ensure the successful implementation of CENI backbone network construction project, and give its abilities into full play to help Tsinghua University and other universities to achieve the goal of “building an internationally and comprehensively leading future network experiment infrastructure.”

As a leader in digital solutions, H3C has been keeping on investing in high-end core routers for many years, and made continuous innovations on SDN solutions, therefore making dramatic breakthroughs and remarkable achievements. So far, H3C has implemented over 100 carrier-level networking projects for CERNET2, CENI-Nanjing Future Network, etc., accumulating rich industrial experience. H3C will be committed to actively promote the large-scale mature application of innovative products and solutions in more and more backbone networks to help drive network transformation for digital growth.